Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beautiful day!

Fall is my favorite season of the year! i love the temperature and the feel in the air!

Bear came over today. Domina and he went out for breakfast, went to some garage sales and did some shopping. They came back not feeling too good. It must have been the breakfast. They have recovered.

i've mostly taken it easy today. i was on my computer for awhile and then went up to take a shower. Before the shower i brushed my teeth, Trimmed down my eye browse and plucked them. i took my shower and used the #3 conditioner from my coloring kit. my hair is a medium chestnut now. i shaved my face, under arms, back of hands, tummy, clit, and my legs. i so love feeling smooth!. i wore a very short pair of jeans and a purple v neck shirt. i put on my pink ear studs and wore my hair down most of the day.

Domina's girl friend Laura came over for dinner.

For dinner we had cube steaks with fries. We watched the sci-fi classic Tarantula. Afterwards watched some family videos. Its amazing how we change and how the yard changes!

i cleaned up the kitchen and did dishes  and now am watching an episode of X-files.



Happy pet said...

Autumn is Owners and my favourite time of year too Jamie, have fun.


sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you Happy pet and thank you for your comments! Enjoy this wonderful season!!


mk said...
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