Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Eroticizing in D/s

Why do many things, activities, etc in the context of D/s seem erotic whereas outside may not be? For example in servitude, to bring Mistress a glass of wine when She asks for one seems erotic to me. i don't think a waiter in a restraunt would think it is in that context. Of course being naked and wearing a collar, on my knees with my eyes lowered surely accentuates it all but the servitude in itself is erotic to me. Perhaps because of my role as Mistress's slave and the joy of pleasing Her translates in my brain as an erotic act. Servitude has many forms; bringing food or drink, giving massages, housework duties, chauffeuring etc. Each translating in my brain as an erotic act. Maybe it is the act of subservience. hmmm i'm thinking of exploring how otherwise non-erotic activities become erotic in the right context. i think it may be a fascinating study.
On a related note, rules seem erotic to me. Mistress has established rules that She has me follow as Her slave. Rules while W/we are at home and rules while W/we are out. Periodically W/we will discuss them. She may modify them, add more or stop a rule. It is exciting to me somehow to learn a new rule. Today Mistress established a rule that i will serve drinks and such with my eyes lowered. It is meant to lower myself to Her since She is my superior. i find it erotic as well. So exciting to me!

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