Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Second Life

Have you ever tried Second Life? I you enjoy exploring both yourself and another place it can be quite enlightening and fun!

Second Life is a huge online community that is free to join and can stay free unless you want to get some of the nicer things like better clothes, articles, lands etc.

To join the service go to http://www.secondlife.com/ and create an account. The first name can be what you want it to be but the last name is chosen from a selection. The name you pick must be unique from anyone else there. You choose your gender which can be male, female or none then your avatar that can really evolve. Once you get in you go through a tutorial and then your in. This place is huge! You must be an adult to be on it. Second Life has lands and places for any interest you can imagine. Adult areas too!

i am a sissy girl on second life with the name james noe. i love the place!

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