Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Sept 18 2009

Here it is September and we are moving into one of my favorite times of year. i love the cooler temperatures. The festivities, etc.

Things have been changing around here. Domina's youngest son(11) decided he wants to live with his father. That has caused some drama and heartbreak. In that household he has several brothers and sisters. Here in the neighborhood there just isn't anyone his age to play with.

Domina's oldest son(28) is trying to get moved up here. Domina thinks he will be with U/us in December.

With the changes W/we are moving rooms around again. Domina's craft room is moving out of the garage and down in O/our finished basement along with the playroom. The old playroom is becoming a bedroom again.

Domina has been up and down with Her submissive boyfriend bear. Things have been fine when he is over here and sometimes after leaving to go back home i guess miscommunication over emails, texts, etc has caused some tension. It looks like things are stable right now.

When bear is over here it is pretty much a given that bear sleeps with Domina and i sleep in the living room on the futon. O/our roles seem to be more and more in place.

my hair is getting longer and longer. i colored it 'lightest natural blonde' the other day. Domina and i both like it alot :). i continue taking my herbs and doing my daily massages on my breasts. They are definitely growing. Its funny but looking down they definitely seem bigger than looking straight at me in the mirror :)

A couple weekends ago bear was over. Domina told me to come up and play. i did. She was playing with bear at first and then called me over. he was begging Her to suck my clitty. he did and after awhile i did cum and so hard!. i seem to last longer now. Probably due to my new meds i've been on. Talk about the meds. These were really something to get used to. At first i had some nausea, apathy, drowsiness but now i feel fine and don't feel so obsessive and anxious. Domina and i haven't had any fights or arguments since ive been on them. yaaaay!

hmmm i cant think of anything else right now.



Susan's Pet said...

I have been enjoying your blog. Yours is not a lifestyle that I would prefer, but I could live with it if I were forced. But I may have lost track of who is who at some point.

Please do us a favor and describe the hierarchy and relationship in your somewhat complex househould. It seems intriguing, but I don't want to jump to conclusions, so I would rather wait for your explanation. Please don't take this as a challenge. I am really interested, and you have the skill to write.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Susan's Pet! Thank you for your interest and i am glad you are enjoying the blog. i understand. i think it is good to be aware of the many ways relationships can work and work out what is best for those involved.

As Domina puts it, this is a Polyamorous Femdom household. Poly in that there are more than one involved in the relationship and Femdom in that She is in control.

Domina is a Woman and the Mistress of the household.

i, sissy slave jamie am Her cuckolded sissy wife and husband. i am primarily here to serve Her in D/s roles. i tend to Domina's day to day life and keep up the house. i am transgendered as well and pretty much live as a female 24/7. i am responsibile for the more feminine chores around the house.

bear is Domina's submissive lover. he does not live with us but comes over on weekends and one day during the week. he serves Domina in a sexual capacity as Her lover and boyfriend.

leopet is Domina's submissive male pet. he is a helper around the house and has gone in with Domina and i for the purchase of the house. he takes care of the more masculine chores around the house.

i hope this helps :)


Susan's Pet said...

It helps. It also sounds fascinating. Thank you for the honest assessment of your position. I wish you all well.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Susan's Pet! Thats good. Your welcome. Thank you so much!

grg999 said...

Wow what a great blog. I'm a sub husband with a wife that does enjoy sex with other men. We are not as open about it as you are, and do work hard to keep it our secret. But behind closed doors it helps me to stay in role dressed similar to the way you do, always with a paddle handy.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi grg999! Thank you for your comments! :) i understand :)