Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday August 30 2009

Lately its been cooling down more and more but sometimes reaching into the 80s here. Right now it is 63 degrees F and i love the cooler weather. i think its telling us that Fall is on the way. i think my favorite season is the Fall. A lot of festivals like the Renaissance Festival and others come around that time. Maybe i'll get to wear and feminine costume this year. W/we'll see!

This weekend has been really laid back. bear arrived Friday afternoon and has stayed the last couple nights. Each night i slept down in the living room on the futon and he slept with Domina.

Yesterday, Domina and bear went out for breakfast and shopped downtown. T/they ended up at a grocery store where they were selling a nice baking table that Domina saw would work perfectly as a craft table. They were asking $50.00 for it and bear bought it for Her upcoming birthday. he bought steaks and potatoes for dinner and came home. i went out shopping myself. i picked up some lip color by Rimmel which i really like. Its pinkish and called "First Kiss". Domina really likes it.

With the new shaving gel i am using by Aveeno i don't need to shave as often so i am shaving my legs every 3 days. The hair on my face doesn't seem to grow as fast either but i shave every day. i must be as smooth as possible before putting on my makeup.

One thing i realized is that since my chest has always been sunken, my breasts aren't as prominent as they could be. i continue to take my herbs and do my massaging exercises daily.

Well, i can't think of anything more right now.



ritemate said...

Hi jamie,
Is everything alright with you? At least it seems you got a cummie last week, can you tell me about it?
Any new sissification progress? Are the darling buds of May ripening?

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
i'm fine. i do need to do an update. Yes i did :) teehee!
darling buds of May? giggle
its always an ongoing journey :)