Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Day!

This morning i got up at around 7:30 am and had my coffee and a couple cereal bars. i was up for about 1/2 an hour when Domina yelled down asking if i was going and if i was going as i was or taking a shower. W/we were all planning on going to the city market. i know Domina does not like being kept waiting. i said i planned to take a shower. i hurried up and took my shower and decided to shave my legs tomorrow. The new shaving gel really has slowed down the growth of hair.

i finished showering and put on my makeup. i shaved very close and found a few nicks here and there that the styptic pen had trouble really stopping. i finally put some liquid bandage on one of them under my chin. i put on my eyeliner and mascara and red/pink lipstick. i wore my stretchy jeans, half sleeve grey and white shirt and my black female canvas shoes.

bear arrived and W/we were all off. i grabbed my purse and Domina, bear, leopet and i. Domina was driving. W/we stopped at QT and got some coffee and headed down to the river for the city market. my goodness! It was soooo crowded. W/we proceeded around the market and bear bought eggplant, zucchini, red bell peppers. Domina bought some large zucchini for zucchini bread. She also picked up some pita bread at the Middle Eastern shop and sunflower seeds. i picked up 5 scoops of fenugreek seeds, a bag of carr-away seeds, a bag of anise and coriander i believe. W/we then left and went to the Chinese grocery store and bear bought a pound of huge shrimp. i got a couple bottles of Liptovan an energy drink.

W/we all left and came home. Since it was much warmer i changed into a pair of denim Capri's and my sleeveless knit grey and white shirt. i then left and went to Target and picked up some new foundation and a couple concealing pens. One in green for red scars and such and the beige one for other blemishes and things. i then stopped at another grocery store for some wine coolers for Domina. i then returned home

i found Domina out back working in the yard. She and bear were talking. he was on the lawn chair. leopet had cut the yard and left the get a haircut. i brought my guitar out on the deck and played awhile and then went back inside. Domina and bear came inside. Domina took a shower and bear joined Her in the shower.

Later i saw that Domina and bear were down in the kitchen preparing dinner. Domina was wearing one of Her pretty nighties. i said i was going to change too. i asked Her what i should wear. Domina said something cute and pretty.

i went upstairs and took everything off and put on my pink baby-doll. This was the first time i tried tucking and wearing it without panties and it worked so well. Domina looked at me and loved it. She said She could see my tits too. teeheee :)

W/we all had dinner and watched "Tropic Thunder" What a funny movie!. W/we then watched an episode of the BBC series, "Being Human". bear was dozing off all through it. At the end of the show Domina told him that T/they were going to bed. i followed Domina up and kissed Her goodnight as bear came up and got in bed. Domina said there probably wouldn't be any play tonight

i went back downstairs and did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.



Slave Kris said...

I haven’t followed all of your blog yet but it sounds like you're a lucky gurl and you are a gurl that every sissy can aspire to be like.

Anonymous said...

Good sissy gurl jamie - it is much better when you update your blog. I see that in your previous entry you got a front row seat to your cuckolding while you were allowed to give yourself a nice cummy. What a lucky gurl you are. You see - when you keep yourself nicely femmed and obedient you do get rewarded on occasion - don't you?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you slave kris! i appreciate your comments!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
i so agree Ma'am! Thank You for Your encouragement.

i am so lucky i know. It was exciting to me and so hot. Yes Ma'am, i must always stay femmed and obedient. i agree!