Saturday, August 1, 2009

Domina is on vacation!

Today started oh so early! i woke up at 4am and got coffee going. i think the storm woke me up. Domina asked what i was doing since the alarm was set for 5. i said i was getting coffee going and taking a shower. Sleep just wasn't happening....

i drove Domina to the airport in the rain. i wore my grey and white striped tank top, capri jeans and sandals and bra with forms. i didn't put any makeup on but i did put my hair in a pony tail. i felt eyes from everyone at the airport.

W/we got in and checked in at the computer near the check in desk. It said W/we were too late! The flight was at 6:20. It was 6:07! W/we went to the counter and he repeated the same. Domina was so mad She cried. i felt terrible. The man told Her it would be $150 for the next flight or She could try stand by. She opted for standby.

W/we stopped at the Starbucks cafe and got a latte and blueberry muffin for Her and a tall coffee and blueberry scone for me. As W/we ate Domina told me to go home. She would call me if She couldn't get on.

i got home and got on my computer for awhile. i texted Her. She said She got it! yaaaaay! She was on Her way!

i went to bed but had a hard time sleeping. It was prolly all the coffee but i was so tired. At about 11 i woke up and texted Domina. She was waiting for a connecting flight. i went shopping. i picked up a bottle of fenugreek and red clover. i then went over to Walmart and got a can of Aveeno's Positively Smooth Shave Gel which i have read by several reviews reall works for really close shaves and to slow hair growth. i picked up body wash too.

leopet called and asked about lunch. i finished shopping and hurried home. leopet and i then went to IHOP for lunch. we had an incredibly long wait for our orders. The waitress was embarrassed and said they had a new cook. i wonder if there is something about transgendered people and restaurant service. i really don't want to be paranoid about it but this has happened before at a Chilis restaurant too.

we finally got our orders. we did have a nice talk.

From there i exchanged a few texts with Domina. Her connecting flight didn't happen so bear drove from the town T/they are staying and got Her. Both were frustrated.

leopet and i stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up some generic Matrix shampoo and conditioner and returned home.

leopet went outside to work on a project and i went for another nap.

i woke up at 4. leopet went to the store and picked up some toasted raviolli and spaghetti sauce.

we watched American Gangster by Russell Crow and Denzel Washington. Both of us thought it kind of long winded. i thought it was an interesting movie though.

Domina took some pictures from on top of the mountains with Her bf bear and sent them via phone.

She is happy now :) She will be gone until Wednesday i believe.



dollyanne said...

Well, all's well that ends well! Through all the trials and tribulations Domina finally got there. Everything must be OK since they sent a pic of them together! Now, your imagination can run wild with what they are doing while you stay chaste!


P.S. Must try that Aveenos--it sounds good!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Dolly!
Thats for sure! Domina is happy now. i asked T/them to kind of backup and regroup. It was a really trying day for all.
teeehee! thats for sure! i am sure T/they are going to have much fun together!

slave.number.9 said...

Sometimes life can't be fully understood, but it always worth a try, as all may end up just fine.
Wish you a nice Sunday.

sissy slave jamie said...

So true slave.number.9! i so agree!
Thank you,, you too!

Miss D said...

jamie - while Domina is gone - don't you dare start touching yourself - down there. Yes, I know the thought of Domina being away and cucking you so thoroughly has probably got you all in a tizzy - but you are a sissy gurly cucky and that is exactly what you need. So you stay nicely femmed and No Touchies. Be a good gurl.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
Yes Miss D! Thank You for the reinforcement. i have no right to touch myself. It is not mine to play with. It is such a turn on to me knowing that She is away with Her man and cucking me so thoroughly. i so agree. It is exactly what this sissy gurly cucky needs.
Yes Ma'am. i will stay nicely femmed and be a good gurl.
Thank You Miss D!

Miss D said...

sissy cucky jamie - you need to get busy and update your blog like a good gurl!

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Miss D! i understand. Thank You!