Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! 1 January 2010

Its been a very nice holiday. Domina's oldest son came in before Christmas and Her two younger ones came in on the 26th. Those two left yesterday. i had to dress down and be less girly when they were here but when they left i could be myself.

W/we have had lots of snow and the temperature has stayed quite cold so the snow has stayed around. i haven't been out much but went out a couple times to go shopping and also to take our dog Titus out to the local park for walks. The park is quite hilly and perfect for sledding. The boys weren't interested in getting out in the cold though.

Today bear came over and upon his arrive Domina and he has been almost tied to the hips. T/they played a bit in Her bedroom and came down later for supper and a couple movies. About an hour and a half ago Domina said T/they were going to bed so i followed T/them up and kissed Her tonight. i am sleeping on the futon tonight. Tomorrow Domina said i am going to be the one played and abused with lol.

i tried on a blouse one of Domina's co-workers gave to me. i love it. Domina said She likes my hair down instead of brushed to the sides or in a pony tail. i like it too :)



Anonymous said...

Hello Jamie. I'm a sissy too, but my mistress loves to make me wear puffy frilly clothes. And I love it too. Happy new year from italy! Gabrielle

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Gabrielle!

So nice to meet you! ahhh that sounds so pretty! i bet you do!
Thank you! Happy new year too!


Susan's Pet said...


The picture is great. The beautiful Christmas tree shows happiness, love, and support. You look good too. I am not into this sort of thing, but I have had fun reading your blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Love how femm you look--and so happy too.
TY for pointing me to your blog...missed you!
Nick Saint