Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday is here! Yaaay!

Not much has been going on except Monday i start a new job. Yaay! i'm finally going to bring some income into the house. That really does please Domina since i haven't worked for some time.

my server crashed terribly the other day that hosts Ds Discussion After a lot of time i found that the system stopped recognizing ide drives so i took one of my sata drives out of my computer and put it in. It sees it. Now i am working on getting it all back up.

Being Friday, bear will be arriving around 1:00 pm. Thats about when Domina should be home from work. She said that bear can take a nap with Her.

leopet has been letting U/us all know he dreads seeing any more snow on the ground!

W/we are planning on dining at a Chinese restraunt tonight and maybe seeing Avatar sometime this weekend. Yaay!

i colored my hair a darker brown the other day. Its called 'Dark mahogany brown' i like it a lot. Such a different look from my blonde. Teehee. Its getting longer and longer :)

Well, nothing more this time. See you!



Anonymous said...

you are becoming such a cute sissy gurl.

Anonymous said...

ps.............where did you get a job? secretary..........teehee

sissy slave jamie said...

awww thank you sissydaphne!

teeehee! can't say but i am doing clerical work :)


Patti said...

Hi Jamie! You are so Cute! The Job you are doing with Clerical work, is it a "Traditionally Female" Position?


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Patti! awwww thank you! hmmm i think mostly female :) giggle

Thank you!