Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday February 21 2010 Snow!

Its been snowing all day! Wow! It looks like i am going to have to get started a bit earlier in the morning to get to work.
Its been a nice weekend despite the snow. Domina let me upgrade my computer. i got a new motherboard, memory and CPU. Its an AMD quad 765. i got it all together this morning and was trying to install Windows 7 64 bit but ended up finding i had incompatible ram so i put that aside. i hope to exchange it tomorrow.
Domina and bear had planned on going out of town together this weekend but bear got sick. With Domina's urging he came over and Domina cared for him. i think he is getting better.
leopet had an Internet friend come over yesterday evening but i guess they just didn't click. i felt bad for him.
Its pretty wild to be working again. i do put my hair back in a pony tail and wear some of my girl clothes but mostly appear boyish. It is nice bringing money in!
Not much else is going on


Happy pet said...

Enjoy the snow jamie. We had a lot here just after Christmas but now just rain....lots and lots of rain


sissy slave jamie said...

teehee thank you and its still there :) wowww!