Saturday, April 10, 2010

Beautiful weekend! 10 Apr 2010

i thought i was going to have to work overtime this weekend but that was cancelled. This morning Domina and bear left for an overnight at a B&B in the area. leopet and i are left at home. leopet is working on a storage shed he is building outside the house. i'm inside cleaning up. So far i've vacuumed the house, doing the laundry and cleaning and organizing the office.

It is soooo beautiful outside at a perfect 71 degrees F.

We'll see how the weekend goes :)



Anonymous said...

good gurl jamie! You're such a good sissy to make sure the house is nice and clean for Mistress' return from Her overnight trip with bear. It's just perfect for you to be left at home; cleaning and being a good gurl while you get so nicely cuckolded. I'll bet your thoughts are on that continuously.

I'm correct about that sissy cucky jamie - aren't I? Mistress knows exactly how to handle your femming.

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

Thank You Ma'am :) i appreciate it. It is good to work on Domina's house when She was gone with Her man. It was wonderful to see Her eyes and Her words :)

Oh yes Ma'am, You know my thoughts were on Her cucking me so nicely :)

You are quite right!



little shaun said...

The KC area was so beautiful this weekend, wasn't it? I sure wish my wife had a bull :(