Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday April 17 2010 Overtime

Today i went to work and worked some overtime. Domina was very happy about that. my temp job will soon end and this sure helps.

While i was at work bear came over and Domina and he worked in the garden. T/they put in the koi pond. Yayyy!

leopet has been working around the house and left to go to Walmart for some parts for the yard wagon. i'm preparing BBQ chicken for the grill right now with smokehouse beans and crisper fries. Yummmm. Domina enjoyed this last weekend.

It looks like W/we will watch Lost tonight from the dvr.

For some time now when bear is in the house he is the man of the house and of course Domina's shares Her bed with him exclusively. i'll be sleeping in the guest room and working overtime again tomorrow.

Today is surely beautiful outside!!


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