Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Anniversary

Today is Domina and my 4th wedding anniversary. She is taking the day off from work. W/we woke up and went straight to a nice restaurant who specializes in breakfast. It was so good! Domina had strawberry crepes. i had a traditional bacon, eggs, and country potatoes breakfast. Next W/we went to the local thrift store. Domina was looking for some jeans but She found some capris and i found some jeans and ladies shirts for me.

i know i haven't been writing too often. i guess its just getting motivated to. Last weekend Domina, leopet, titus our westie and i traveled down to Oklahoma and spent the weekend with Her sister. On the way down there W/we picked up Domina's oldest son. He will be spending the summer with U/us.

There in OK i could be all girl and be myself. Her niece was having a high school graduation party. It was a lot of fun spending the weekend with them all. i was introduced to all her friends as Domina's sissy girl. i was so accepted. It was wonderful being there. W/we did have a bit of a problem with the dogs since Her sister has a German Shepherd but it mostly went well.

Last week i colored my hair lightest golden brown. i think its still pretty dark.

Today i'm smoking some baby back ribs. Yummmm! W/we are planning on seeing "Prince of Peria" tomorrow.

bear is sick with the flu i guess. i don't know when he will be back over.



Happy pet said...

Have a fantastic anniversary.


Suzanne said...

Have a great anniversary. Be a good girl!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you so much Happy pet and Suzanne we did have a nice anniversary. It was low key but had a nice dinner and all :)

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Such cute pics... more to read!!