Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday June 13 2010

Well, its like soup outside. Its 82 degrees and the humidity must be around 100 percent. i just took our dog Titus out for a good walk while Domina and bear went to take a nap. i have BBQ baby backs smoking in the smoker i picked up in a yard sale. Domina's oldest and youngest (29 & 12) year old boys are home with U/us and are playing games on the laptops.

A couple days ago i took O/our dog and Domina's cat to the vet for shots. my 17 year old cat died of old age the other day so W/we were less one cat. While at the vet i saw a couple ladies with a box of kittens. They begged me to take one so i called Domina who said it was OK. i picked one grey one that had perfect markings for white socks and a white tipped tail. i brought him home. W/we named him 'Spartacus' Lately W/we have been naming O/our pets after Roman names. O/our dog's name is 'Titus' lol.

Not much more has been going on. teeehee!



Happy pet said...


Gorgeous pussy shot (titter). That heat and humidity must be killing though, Owner and i grumble when it gets above 70 degrees.


sissy slave jamie said...

teehee! Thank you! i understand. i feel most comfortable at 72 i think :)