Saturday, July 10, 2010

Out shopping again teehee :)

Today i went out shopping for awhile. Domina, bear, and leopet stayed home. W/we were smoking a brisket as i left.

i shopped in several places. The first was at a local hardware store for an alarm that detects when power is out at an outlet. This is to help warn us that the power to the deep freezer is out. A couple weeks ago it did since the breaker went and all was defrosted. i couldn't find any there though. So i continue my search.

Next i went to Big Lots where i picked up some dog bones and a dvd. When i went up to check out the girl behind the register said, "Hi girly girl!" my my that was wonderful! She had checked me out before there and she was so cool :)

Lastly i went to the grocery store and bought Domina some Bagelfuls and yogurt.

i came home and i put some red potatoes on the grill. The brisket was done so W/we all had a nice dinner in front of the tv watching the first episode of Rome.

Domina took bear to bed and a little later heard some playful commotion from Her bedroom :) ahhhhh


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