Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday August 7 2010

This morning bear arrived and Domina and he left to go spend the day and night at a motel. T/they plan to have a very nice dinner somewhere downtown.

Domina left chores for me to take care of. leopet and i moved Her craft table to the garage and i mounted a couple peg boards on the wall above it.  i also moved the exercise bike to Her craft room and performed a few other chores.

Later i went shopping and picked up some bratwurst and beer for supper. 
leopet and i later watched a movie called THX1138 which was George Lucas' first movie.



staceyalyssa said...

91 days without a cummie! how do you do it? you are my hero(ine). i wish i could control myself that well. what techniques do you do? longest i have ever gone is about 2 weeks. would love to hear your suggestions so i could be girlie and chaste like you!

sissy slave jamie said...

teehee i think its mostly in the mind stacey. i know when i do i just dont feel as girly and submissive.