Saturday, September 18, 2010

New things :)

Domina and bear are downtown spending the night together. Domina has charged leopet and this sissygirl with rearranging the living room.

i got a new part time job. For the first time for a long time its a real job and Domina (and everyone else including me) are so happy about that! :)

Its getting cooler now. i love this time of year. So many festivals around the area. W/we are going to visit the annual Renfest sometime soon. yaaaa!

Yesterday i went to Paris II the beauty school and had my hair trimmed. Its getting pretty long now and it was good getting it trimmed and feathered :)



little shaun said...

Hope to see you at Renfest!

Anonymous said...

Hi jamie, i am barbara jean, my friends call me bobbie. wow great site you have here. i live in northern westchester ny on the hudson river. i love to cook and the out doors also and the smoker i do all my own love to trade recipes with you. i was thinking about doing a wife for the weekend, where i cook clean laundry and be the wife and take care of all the needs. so many so busy and work crazy hrs and on the wknd do not want to be tied down, ha, ha, wink. so let me do all the work so you can get out and play or?? wink again.. lots oh cute hunky guys out there that need some tlc.. so what do you think??? love to hear from you. bobbie,