Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Day after Christmas

i hope everyone had a great Christmas! It was great here. i got Mistress a laptop cooler, a remote control finder and some Harry Potter items: decal and a pin.

Mistress gave me a pink butterfly navel jewelry. i love it! i put it in and it looks so girly yaaay! i got some ear studs, pink fluffy house shoes, and the big thing: a real wig! yaaaay. i got a pink throw, computer game among other things.

Later W/we went and saw "Sweeney Todd" That was surely a dark movie!



helpmate hubby said...

Wanted to LYK that i just discovered your blog and love it! We are very much alike in many respects. If you are interested in reading mine email me at:

sissyslave jamie said...

Thank you helpmate hubby! i will definitely check it out. :)