Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a snowy night!

Last night after work while driving home from work i stopped at Super Walmart and shopped with the money i got for Christmas. There were many 1/2 price sales there and i looked around at the packages there. Domina mentioned some makeup kits and i ended up picking up a huge makeup kit on wheels, teeehee! Thats going to be fun!

i got home and put a pizza on. A little later Domina and leopet arrived and W/we had dinner. Since one TV show Domina enjoys isn't showing up due to the writers strike i put on "Personal Services" an old fetish British comedy. i had been trying to get it for quite a while but only offered in the European standard DVD but got it in NTSC. Domina and i enjoyed it while laying in front of the TV.

i then served Mistress tea in bed and then worked on my site: until it was time to go to bed :)



helpmate hubby said...

Sounds like a nice evening, yes the weather was aweful!

sissyslave jamie said...

It was! Especially with the fireplace going :)

fd said...

i enjoy reading your blog. you sound like you are having so much fun!

sissy slave jamie said...

awwww Hi fd! Thank you for your comments! i'm glad you are enjoying it! W/we certainly are!