Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holiday time :)

What times these are! Domina's family members coming in, spending Christmas Eve with my folks, job searching, so much going on! Sure is stressful!. Now... Domina's power jack on Her laptop is faulty and barely working and on top of that i spent most of yesterday upgrading my Vista to Ultimate Vista to find out that you can't put it both on your laptop and desktop computer. It will let you install it fully but you can't activate it and the tough thing.... you can't reverse it back. So i am going to have to save my files onto another computer and then reinstall Windows from scratch!

In lighter sissy news, lol i've been working on my new site i host myself called: Ds Discussion at Membership is free and features articles, stories, a forum, chat, instant messaging and soon a gallery. This is an adult site and will grow. If your interested in discussing Dominance and submission, Femdom, submission, BDSM, feminization, cuckolding, crossdressing, etc, please join :)

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