Thursday, January 3, 2008

my birthday!

Its really a whirlwind going into the holidays and then exiting them with my birthday year after year but here it is! teehee!

Yesterday i finally ventured out of the house into 2008. i hadn't left since the New Year. Domina said i wasn't missing much. The temperature has been 0 - 19 degrees Farenheit. brrrr! i do love the cool sensation of the outside air after i shave my legs. i love it! i painted my nails with a deep red the night before from my new makeup case. i put on my Gap Jeans, a long sleeve sweater shirt Domina gave me, ear rings, eye liner and Bees lip shimmer and left for Super Walmart where i picked up some things including a new nail polish called Petite Pink by Sally Hansen. i think that shad looks so pretty, almost silvery pink.

i got home and found Mistress had made home made chicken and dumplings. They were wonderful!

i continued working on my adult site: Its really a challenge getting everything working together but Joomla sure is wonderful plus all the people who have contributed extensions for it.

Today Domina said that W/we are going to go to Deborahs - a fetish boutique here in town. Mistress Deborah used to have a wonderful boutique very near U/us but closed it due to waning sales but reopened recently! yaaaay!

i am so lucky to be Domina's!

sissy slave jamie

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