Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sweet Saturday :)

It feels so nice here this morning after a pretty stressful week. Stressful mostly because of the "out of work" situation and all. Doing contract work sure hasn't yielded predictable income lately. Yesterday morning i got a call for an interview and at 3pm i met had it. It went very well and it is most likely i will get it. yaaaaay!

Because of the positives Domina rewarded me with a tin of Captain Black. my fav pipe tobacco. i know pipe smoking may not seem girly. i guess i have two traditional non-girly vices: Captain Black and beer. teeeheee Domina told me once that maybe i should drink Manhattans or something with an umbrella in it. i enjoy these all too but i still enjoy Captain Black :)

Today i hope to go to Mistress Deborah's boutique and pick up my new bra! i'm so excited about it! This bra lets you put breast forms in it so they won't slip. It holds up to a c cup too! i'd love to start wearing sports bras all the time but it just isn't the same for things like that when i come up with the idea than when Domina tells me. At least She expects me to wear camis with my panties :) i love that!

Last night i came out of my office and looked down and saw that Domina and leopet were playing. i just had to sit down and watch. It really excites me to see it. Domina looked up and waved hi. teehee!

Domina said that next weekend i'm going to get to be all girly yaaaaaay!


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