Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb 15 at the hospital

i've been having lots of problems with my pinched nerve in my neck for the last few weeks. The doctor prescribed great meds but the pain was still there. The doctor had an MRI done that found several protruding disks in my neck and ordered pain management.

Yesterday morning Domina took me over to the hospital to the pain management area where i had an upper epederal with steroid injections done for the protruding disks. W/we came home and i've been resting ever since. i have two more visits for the injections. i sure hope they all work. i need to get back to work but my left arm has been next to worthless.. arghhh.

Domina starts to work this morning. It will be good when W/we are all working again!

sissy girl


dollyanne said...

jamie, sometimes it's hard enough being a sissy, but you don't need this, sweetie. Rest, relax, laugh, listen to music, and think pleasant happy sissy thoughts, (dolly says, sitting here with a pain in her foot, trying to follow her own advice.) You'll be better in no time and we look forward to reading about your wonderful sissy girlie life! Get better, girlfriend!


sissy slave jamie said...

awww thank you so much sissydollyanne! i appreciate that. i love so much being and feeling girlie. i hope soon i'll feel like dressing and putting on makeup and all. Thank you so much!