Sunday, February 24, 2008

Getting better

A week ago Friday Domina took me to the hospital's pain management area for a steroid shot epidermal. It has definitely improved things since i don't have shooting pain in my shoulder/arm. i do still have an aching pain in those areas though. This coming Friday i go in again for another shot.

i have been feeling more myself. Domina was happy to hear that i was putting on my eyeliner yesterday as well as my lipstick when W/we all went out shopping. It felt so good. She asked if i shaved and i said yes. She said that one day i will be getting laser hair removal for my face so i won't have to shave again. i think it will be wonderful!

im going to color my hair today. a lighter blonde called sunlit. yaaaya!



dollyanne said...

All right, jamie! Back to sissydom! Glad to hear those shots are working and you are able to wear makeup and color your hair! You are going to look sooo lovely! BTW, your slideshow is wonderful! Keep on getting better, girlfriend!


sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you so much! i am feeling better and have a ways to go. Thank you so much. so much fun being in front of the camera :)


GWEN29S said...

how lucky are you to be a slve and so girly.
i am alone, but dress and make up very often

Hope you can realizeall your wishes

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you gwen29! i do feel so lucky. i love being so owned and of course being girly!
i guess we do what we can do :)