Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Update on my back, neck arm whatever

i've had a recurring problem in my back for a long time - since the mid eighties and it looks like its one of those things that gets to a point and really presents itself. Before i just had to move the wrong way and my upper left side would start hurting and stay with me a few days then go away. This time however its much more serious. i went to the doctor last week after experiencing contstant pain then i had a bout with nausea with that which kept Mistress from sleeping. Thank goodness She found solace in another room or She wouldn't get any rest. After a weekend of barely any sleep i went back to the doctor who setup an MRI for me that found a protusion in my c5-c7 vertebrae. They now have me scheduled for pain management, along with the meds and physical therapy.

i sure hope this all does some good! i definitely want to get back to my knees and serve my Mistress Wife as Her girly girl.



sissy danelle said...

I hope you get feeling better.


sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you!