Friday, February 1, 2008

Yesterday at the salon

Yesterday i went to the hair salon. The girl asked me what i wanted. i told her i wanted mostly a trim and i wanted to keep it more unisex. i told her that i wanted it to look like a guy when i used some gel but to otherwise look girlie. She did a pretty good job and when her supervisor came by i told her what i asked for and she said thats what i got :)

i got home and Domina looked at it and was pleased with the results. She said that She hoped that it wasn't cut like a guy because i'm certainly not a boy in anyway.

i love my sissy life!



sissy danelle said...

thank you for sharing your sissy life with the world. i enjoy reading your blog.

sissy danelle

sissy slave jamie said...

Your welcome. i am glad that you enjoy it :)