Saturday, April 19, 2008

girly weekend :)

Last Friday Domina told me that this weekend i will be all girl. i love it when She tells me that. It means that i will dress as a girl including my bra with breast forms, only talk like a girl, and do things as a girl. Its been a rather relaxed weekend so far. Domina was working in the garden and i was inside doing the laundry. She called me down to get Her an iced tea from QT. i put on a jacket and my jeans and shoes and went to QT. It was quite fun! i was also wearing a pair of Domina's dangly ear rings She made that has red glass jewels in them, lipstick and eyeliner.

Later Domina told me to go to the store and get steaks and other things for dinner. It was too warm for a jacket so i put on my grey sweater. Domina said my breasts were still noticable but to go like that. i went to Price Shopper feeling so good and girly as well as noticable. i think there were a few stairs but it was fun.

W/we had a great dinner!

sissy girl

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