Monday, April 7, 2008

Nice weekend :)

Actually it started Thursday when the new sissy i met at the hardware store the previous Sunday and i met at Burger King for lunch. we had a very nice chat about ourselves, what we like and where it will go from here. i told him that Mistress wanted us to hang out and be friends and see how that goes and then probably come over and play, go to parties, etc. Its really exciting exploring this part of things. i've pretty much been the sissy husband at home for Mistress, i haven't yet been girlie with another sissy lol.

Friday Mistress and i had been invited to a birthday party for a Mistress who used to live in town but had moved to St Louis. A lot of the invitees were from the BDSM group we used to be very involved with so it was wonderful seeing them all again. i went dressed casually wearing jeans, a cami with a white shirt with all the buttons open, eyeliner and lipstick. We had fun!

Saturday and Sunday it was mostly planning the landscape for our place. We plan on planting a veggie garden, herb garden, put in a play house, etc.

Today i'm cleaning and waxing the floors. i hope Mistress will be pleased!


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