Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday :)

Domina and i are riding together. She has training and i'm taking classes near there.

Last night, Domina, leopet and i were in front of the tv watching comedies. Domina played with leopet for awhile under the covers with Her left hand holding Her glass of wine. i felt a bit needy but didn't say anything. i prefer to let Domina have the choice. She then played with my clitty like it is a clit rubbing it round and round. Later when She was getting ready for bed and putting summer clothes away She told me She was real mad at me for putting too many clothes in the drier when W/we were trying to get the wrinkles out. She told me that i will need to be a good girl and do a better job. i told Her that i will try being a better girl. She told me that it will take years to be the kind of girl She wants. She has Her boy and Her girl (me). She prefers me as jamie over james when i'm at home.

i feel like i'm becoming a girl more and more. i love it. i love losing my masculinity. i never have been very manly. Not assertive, etc. i am better knowing i'm a sissy girl. i serve Domina better as a girl. That is who i am.

i love my life :)

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