Tuesday, April 1, 2008

You never know where...

Last Sunday i was at a local hardware store looking for a part for our furnace that wasn't working. i was in the right aisle looking when some guy said they had so many parts. i told him yeah but not what i was looking for and i pointed to the area. He said, "I like your nail polish". i said cool. He told me he likes that stuff and he was wearing panties. Wow, out of no where. He thought he knew where i could find the part i was looking for and i gave him my number. He called later after i told Mistress about it. We talked about the lifestyle and all. i told him that Mistress was wanting me to find sissy friends to hang out with. This Thursday we are having lunch teeehe!

Mistress had given me Her Bettie Page belly button ring but Bettie fell out boo hoo! i couldn't find it. Mistress told me to put my pink butterfly back in for now. W/we are soon to shop for a new one.

Yesterday i asked Mistress if i should go out wearing eye liner. She asked if i was a girl. i said yes Domina. She then said that being a girl i should :)

i love my life :)!


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