Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The thing i like best about being a femmed sissy cucky

It was suggested to me today to post what i thought the best thing about being a femmed sissy cucky was. Its hard to say what is the one thing but i would say that the best thing is that i can best make my Mistress Wife happy by serving Her as a feminized sissy cuckold. She gets the best of all worlds. i serve Her needs in the Ds arena as a femmy sissy and She has Her submissive boyfriend who She plays with and meets Her needs in the S/m arena. i love my life and serving my Mistress Wife!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

very good answer jamie - such a good gurl you are.

But isn't it true, that the more you are femmed, the more sissy you become, the more you are cuckolded, the better you like it?

Maybe, you would like to write to your blog about how it makes you feel to watch your Mistress being pleasured while you watch... jamie all femmed, her clitty throbbing in her panties... Do you wish you were getting attention too? But you aren't... you are too sissy - isn't that right?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D :)

Thank You for Your comments! It is so true the more i am femmed the more sissy and girly i become. i love that! The more i am cuckolded, the better i like it. When i first brought up cuckolding Mistress was against it. Her connotation of the word cuckolding was that it was mean and She doesn't like using it. Since Her submissive boyfriend moved in with U/us She enjoys having sex with him and She knows it turns me on so She does it for the two reasons.
Yes Ma'am, i will give thought to blogging that. It is so true that my clitty gets so hard and throbs wantingly in my panties as i kneel watching T/them play. i do feel the angst when i watch T/them play, when She strokes him while watching tv and such. She does play with my clitty from time to time.
sissy girl