Monday, May 26, 2008

This morning

This morning i woke up. Mistress woke up too and told me to get Her coffee. i went downstairs, ground the beans and put on the coffee. i went upstairs and opened Her door to find Her on top of leopet riding him. my clitty instantly went hard and with difficulty went to the potty. i came out and went down and got Mistress coffee and brought it up. i went to my knees and gave Her the coffee and watched T/them for awhile. Its always so exciting to me to watch Her flirt with other men and to play with leopet.

What a morning so far!

sissy girl


Anonymous said...

What a good little sissy gurly cucky you are! I think you would benefit from a nice chastity to make sure your clitty stays where it belongs - don't you think? I'm sure you're not allowed to touch it very often anyway... I have a suggestion for your blog sweety - why don't you tell everyone what you love most about being a femmed sissy cucky? Can you pick the one thing that is the best part? hmmm?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D,

Thank You so much for Your comments. i appreciate them. i try to be the best sissy gurly cucky i can be for Mistress. i agree i would benefit from a nice chastity device to make sure my clitty stays where it belongs. It would certainly let me know how much Mistress controls and owns my clitty. Mistress prefers that it be available for Her to play with when She wishes so She doesn't want a device now. i am certainly not allowed to play with my clitty. Its certainly not mine to play with. Thank You so much for Your suggestion. i will think about what the best part is. There are so many :)
Thank You again!
sissy slave jamie