Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday fun

Yesterday morning i had an appointment to take O/our Westie dog in for grooming. The appointment was for 10am. i showered, shaved my legs, washed my face with Olay and put on eyeliner and lipstick, put on a pair of pink thong panties, tight pink camisole, girly jeans and my cream long sleeve shirt and we left. i dropped him off at the grooming salon and went shopping at Michael's, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Best Buy, and JC Pennys. i was shopping to pick up some things for Domina and my office. i felt really girly and had lots of fun and felt lots of stares. Its fun though. i wonder if people think i am a crossdresser, a sissy or a girl. Does it matter? i am being who i am.

That evening Domina and leopet weren't feeling to well. Domina had allergies and leopet had what he thought was what i had Sunday and Monday which was a nasty stomach flu. Domina told me to go to the store and pick up some toasted raviolli. i had just put on some of Her bright red lipstick so i asked Her if i should take it off and put on some less revealling. She told me it was fine, just go. i did and again felt so girly. i love it!

What a day teeheee!

sissy girl

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