Wednesday, May 21, 2008

wow what a beautiful day!

W/we really love the weather! Its really been beautiful Domina and leopet has been putting the garden together. my pinched nerve flared up after carrying some heavy bags of topsoil so i've been taking care of the house stuff. Domina tells me that i am the housewife and am to take care of the girl things.

Lately when i get up in the morning the first thing i do is put on my bra with breast forms and a short camisole and shorts. i love the way they feel so girly. i went out yesterday shopping with a shirt over it but took it off after awhile. So fun how it shows my pink butterfly belly button ring. i didn't wear my bra. i hope one day i can wear it more :)

i love being girly in public. Wearing my eyeliner, lipgloss/lipstick, women's jeans/shorts and my painted nails. Seeing those 'knowing' glances from ladies, etc. i love it :)

sissy girl

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