Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last Weekend

In my office

Last weekend was really beautiful. Especially Sunday.

i woke up in Domina's bed really early that Sunday morning. bear was at the door and Domina nudged me and said, "jamie". "bear's here". i said, "Yes Domina" Knowing that when bear is here his place is in Her bed. i got up and went downstairs and made some coffee. bear had brought Domina Her coffee/latte from Mc'Ds.

i was on the computer for awhile. Her bedroom door opens and closes from time to time. After a bit T/they both came down and left to go shopping. Domina told me before that T/they were going to Cabela's to look for some things for his trip out of the country and to look for bed sheets.

i went up and took my shower. i shaved my legs and got all pretty.

Later Domina and bear returned. bear bought a nice outdoors shirt on sale for $3.00 and was very happy with it. he also bought a set of Queen sized 500+ count sheets that was satiny scarlet red. So very pretty!

i went out and about shopping and going to yard sales. i ended up coming home with three small butterfly stained glass art.

W/we sat out on the deck for awhile. bear had gone and bought several half-chickens and large shrimp for Domina to grill. T/they all looked so tasty! bear started them on the grill and W/we all talked as they grilled.

leopet was kind of scarce. Sinus allergies usually affect him so.

W/we watched an episode of True Blood on HBO. This has become O/our show now. She has watched all the episodes and wants me to catch up so W/we can start watching the new season. i do love the show. i keep identifying with the Sookie character. Her being blonde and i love her personality. i also love the sundresses she wears. It occurred to me that i haven't ever worn one. i asked Domina if i could get one and i think i will. T/they look so pretty and feminine :)

Lately i have been waking up in the morning and first putting on girl's jeans and usually a tank top. Later in the day changing into denim skirts. This day was no exception. i put on my short short denim skirt and my really short pink top. W/we all liked the look. It was fun and i felt more girly and slutty.

Domina told bear that T/they were going to bed and i followed T/them up to Her room. W/we got there and Domina told bear to strip. She had him get on the bed on his back. She played with his manly cock and got him ohh so hard!

Domina then got on and rode for awhile. i was sitting on Her bed and She looked down on me and told me Her boyfriend wanted to suck. She told me to give him my clitty. i went near him and Domina pulled my panties down and gave him my clitty. he sucked and sucked. It felt so good. Sooo good!

i didn't want to cum. i wanted it to last. Domina told me to give it to him again. he begged for cum and She told me to. i did and i screamed!

i moved away and Domina rode and rode and then got off and pleasured Herself with Her vibe. Soon She was back on bear but he just wouldn't cum.

Domina then told me to pull up my panties and skirt and go back downstairs. She said that bear will sleep with Her and i will sleep downstairs. i said, "Yes Domina" and went back downstairs.

Once downstairs i caught a whiff of a bad odor i had smelled earlier that day. i decided to go down to the basement to check it out. i found that we had a sewage backup. Ewwww!

i went up and told leopet then Domina. leopet and i worked for hours vacuuming the standing water up and then trying to figure out the problem.(After a couple days we found that the floater unit for the sewage pump was bad. we finally got it fixed.)

The next morning i woke up asleep in my office. Since the basement was messed up Domina's 29 year old son sleeped in the living room. Domina woke me up and hugged me and told me to sleep in Her bed. She was leaving for work. i went up and saw that bear was getting ready to leave. i went back to sleep.

Domina and bear are going out of town this coming weekend for a bicycle trip in the state. T/they have a longer trip scheduled next month out of state for about a week.

Today i put my hair up in a pony tail. i asked Domina if when my bangs get long enough will they become part of the pony tail. She said yes. For now though i have to comb the bangs over or pin them up.

i finally figured out how to tuck yesterday. yaaaay! Domina likes it. She wants me too. She says i look more feminine that way and no one would guess otherwise. She is telling me to correct people when they call me sir as well. i was on the phone today with a service rep about my step son's computer. i said i go by jamie. The rep called me jamie throughout and once in awhile called me sir. i guess because the original call with them had my boy name on it. Domina told me i should have corrected her.

Well. Today was so hot. About 100 degrees F. Lets see how tomorrow will be!



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