Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whirlwind Trip!

Since last week W/we celebrated O/our 3rd wedding anniversary Domina wanted to treat me to a trip to Silver Dollar City. She is so wonderful! W/we left last Friday after She got off work and took Her little Kia straight out from KC on Hiway 71. Domina has a Sprint Instinct and W/we took advantage of the GPS features to get U/us there. W/we stopped at a thrift store on the way for a swimming suit for me since i hadn't packed any and Domina planned on swimming or using the hot tub at the hotel. Domina didn't want me to get a female swim suit but reconsidered by the time W/we arrived.

W/we arrived in Branson MO in the early evening and checked into O/our hotel. What a wonderful place the Fall River Suites. W/we were situated near the lake and the suite had a screened in porch.

Domina was quite tired since She woke up at 3:30am that morning for work. i took Her car and drove around Branson. i stopped at Walmart for some shaving cream and hair conditioner. i drove around for a restraunt to eat at but ended up stopping at McDonalds. It was quick teehee

i got back and found Domina awake and reading. i got in my pink baby doll nighty and went out in the screened in porch and had some beer, smoked my cigarillos and read my horror novel. i then went to bed. i hardly slept. i think i got around three hours sleep.

W/we got up and had a great breakfast at I-HOP and then drove out to Silver Dollar City. W/we had great fun walking around and looking at craftsmen/women and went on a few rides. After several hours W/we took the tour through Marvel Cave and had a blast.

Silver Dollar is a wonderful theme park with an old American theme. It did seem like the capitol of conservative America but W/we had fun. Finally W/we had a chicken buffet dinner and left to go back to the hotel.

W/we woke up early the next morning and went through a drive through for breakfast. W/we went south and drove straight to a town in Texas to pick up Domina's oldest son. He is staying with U/us for the month. W/we then turned north and drove to Oklahoma and stayed with Her sister and family. It was a nice visit.

W/we left after eating at I-HOP and headed straight up I-35. W/we arrived back in KC at about 7pm.

What a wonderful trip! i went enfemme the whole time. Even when Domina and i went in the hot tub i wore the earlier mentioned swimming shorts and a tank top. i did get lots of stares by people more and more as W/we went south. Domina Who usually tells me that i am imagining the stares and all noticed them too. She would pitch in that W/we were girls on the trip and W/we left O/our hubbies home. Once when She was using my credit card with my name on it they said they couldn't take it without the owner there. She said Her husband wasn't there to not out me.

Today i was out most of the day running errands. i took O/our dog and cat to the vet for shots. i went to several thrift stores and the Pottery Barn. Lastly i stopped at the grocery store for groceries.

i got home and brought everything in. i saw that bear's car was here and went up to Domina's bedroom and knocked. i opened the door and saw Domina and bear naked in bed snuggled together. It was nice seeing T/them back together. i filled T/them both in on how the shopping went.

i came downstairs and here i am. teeheee!


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