Friday, June 5, 2009

Wow Already a week!

Its hard to believe its been a week since Domina and i started out on O/our road trip to Branson, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and back to Missouri. my my how time flies!

Yesterday was a pretty nice day. i was out shopping a bit and washed Domina's car at a drive through wash. i vaccuumed it out after i got home. i guess i got a burst of energy and i organized and cleaned up Domina's side of the garage where Her craft room will be. Now She can set it up. She was so happy when She woke up from Her nap and came down and saw it. It sure made me feel so good!

Today i went out shopping again. i went to Super Walmart and got a bunch of groceries. i stopped at Target looking for some more Lavender massage oil but couldn't find any. i got some baby oil instead. i went to a grocery store and got a compliment for my pink flowery shirt i was wearing. It is so nice to hear that from other girls.

i returned home and found Domina on Her bed reading. i felt like taking a power nap. She took a shower and She and leopet left to get some lumber to make a lean to shed for the garden tools. T/they also bought a battery powered drill and saw too.

Domina also got some KFC. The new grilled chicken. i think W/we all preferred the crunchy one.

W/we watched the movie, "Waiting" about waiters at a restraunt. What a hoot!

Domina said that Her boyfriend/husband bear is coming over Saturday and Sunday. She said that T/they are going to play in the bedroom and playroom and have sex. Domina said he is going to be leaving in about a week to fly over seas for one of his adventures. She told me that i probably won't get to cum. i've cum enough She said. She said i need to have some frustration. i said, "Yes Domina".

W/we plan on going yard sailing tomorrow. She also said She is going to work in the garden and the craft room.



ritemate said...

Domina has really given you a fantastic anniversary present: your being allowed to go for a road trip totally en femme. No wonder you look so happy behind the wheel. Did She introduce you to Her family as Her wife or as Her girlfriend - or did they know all about you beforehand? You're a brave girl, it must have taken some courage to endure the stares in the south. Did you pack some male clothes just in case, or was your suitcase totally feminine?
Domina is right, of course - you've cum a little to much lately. It's only been 12 days!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
Thank you for your comments! i so agree. It was such a wonderful present. Being able to go all girl and to be one and one with Her. It was wonderful! Actually we all have met before and yes they know about me and O/our relationship.
Teehee! Thank you. i was quite careful out and about and Domina said She would protect me too. i did get a lot of good responses and some not so good. Those with the more conservative dress and demeanor.
All i packed was feminine save the bathing shorts but Domina changed Her mind and thought i shouldn't go topless in public.
i agree. W/we will see. Her bear is here now.

Anonymous said...

That is a cute top, jamie - quite feminine - appealing.

I think you can do without a cummy, jamie. In fact, a little sissy desperation would be quite good for you. What do you think jamie will be like after some long term denial and constant cuckolding? Where will her mind wander? What naughty things will she be thinking about - wishing for?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
Thank You so much Ma'am! i really loved the top too. i think it does look quite feminine.

Yes Miss D. Domina said the same thing today too. She said i need more frustration. Before She played with bear She said he was probably horny. i said i am horny all the time. She said that is good.

i don't know how i will be like. i guess W/we will see. teeehee!