Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19 2009 Quick Entry

Today i woke up with all my nails colored "Pinkish" by Revlon. i did them all last night. i love the color. i just got done showering, shaving my legs and everything, putting on my mineral foundation, pinkish liptsick, eyeliner, mascara, and light eye shadow. i put my hair back in a pony tail with some bangs forward. i made sure to tuck.

Domina called me and told me to go get Her some wine for the weekend. bear is coming over (is here now). W/we are going to eat Chinese tonight and tomorrow Domina and bear are going out of town for a romantic weekend bicycling.

leopet, Domina's older son and i plan on going out to eat and the movies while Domina and bear are gone tomorrow. i hope T/they have fun :)


Domina and bear wants me to get the wine, some cheese (smoky cheddar) and apples.


Cherryleopard said...

you're looking great girl! These long bangs and summer outfits suit you. And you look (and sound) really happy lately.


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Cherryleopard! Thank You so much for Your comments! They certainly feel cooler in this hot weather!. Awwww i am!
Thank You Ma'am!