Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update 2 July 2009

in my pink baby doll

Last Sunday Domina took bear to the airport to catch his plane to go on his overseas adventure. After She got home She got a call from him telling Her he forgot his cell in his car. he was just catching the plane at that time. Domina was a bit unhappy that She couldn't have close contact via phone. For a couple days She awaited an email from him and on Wednesday morning received an email from him. he had gotten to the hotel the day before and the Internet connection was down. She was so elated to hear from him. She really does miss him

Since i finally figured how to tuck myself Domina wants me to do it most of the time. It does present a flatter appearance in my clothes which She said looks more feminine of course. Last night while W/we were watching a movie, (Rules of Attraction) i asked Domina if She would like to play with my clitty. Immediately She said, "No". She then asked me if i was still tucked. i said yes. She then nodded.

Today Domina worked and then came home and went to work in the yard. i had taken a shower and put my hair in a ponytail. i put on my makeup, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. i put on my ladies watch and put on a pair of short denim shorts and my green girls shirt and sandals. i grabbed my purse and left to go pay some bills and run some errands. i shopped at Sams Club and picked up a rotissairie chicken and got some veggies at the grocery store.

i came home and Domina had been resting. She came back outside and continued working in the yard. She then asked me if i wanted to play tonight. i asked what W/we were doing just interested. She told me i was going to wear my pink nightie She likes, put a clitty ring on while She played with leopet. i would not be allowed to cum.

Domina took a shower and i got dinner together. Soon W/we were all downstairs having dinner. Domina was in wearing a black and pink nightie and me in my pink one without a bra or panties. i love the feminine feel. Its wild to see my breasts starting to fill the nightie. leopet was naked. Domina started playing with his man cock saying She loved Her boy's cocks. She kept playing with it and played with my clit a bit and slapped it and pulled once in awhile. She got on and rode leopet really going back and forth. i watched without touching myself. Domina had reminded me that i am not allowed to. After a bit She poured some lube on leopet's cock and stroked him a bit then flung Her hand toward me splattering some lube on and around my clitty. Soon She told me to play with myself. She then played with leopet's ass for awhile while playing with his cock. i would touch my clitty and rub up and down. It is so sensitive. It got harder and harder. Before Domina played with my clit for a bit and it wouldn't change for quite awhile. Then it started getting harder. Now i am playing with myself being careful not to cum. leopet came while playing with his cock and ass and Domina saw his cock stayed hard and enjoyed riding again.

While i was playing with my clitty Domina started telling me i should thank bear for taking Her pain while i had the pressure off and be a girl.

Soon Domina got up and went up to Her bedroom and kissed me tonight

Now i am going to resume massaging my breasts :)



Miss Honey said...

Like the idea of it well tucked away like it should be for a sissy.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Ma'am for Your comments!

It certainly looks more feminine. Both Domina and i prefer seeing a flat profile in front. Also it almost seems like a chastity device since Domina seems to not want to play with it although She knows She can because its Her property.


Anonymous said...

jamie looks cute in her babydoll - very femmed, which is apparently, exactly what Domina expects of jamie.

Tucking is certainly proper - jamie does not want a bulge - she is a gurl now. I doubt that anyone thinks of jamie as anything but a sissy gurl now. She does need to be tucked away. So - get used to it jamie and try not to make your panties too wet while you rub your sissy breasts and ponder how you came to be such a sissy cucky.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
Thank You so much! i love wearing it and others too. Yes Domina likes me in them :)

So true Ma'am. Having bulges there is so unsightly.

teeehee yes Miss D!