Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28 2009 Last weekend part 2

The next morning (Saturday) i woke up at about 9am. i went up to the kitchen and noticed that no coffee had been made yet. Usually leopet is up by then. i made coffee. bear showed up and said Domina was really tired. She slept until about 11am. She said that both of T/them were very restless the night before and didn't sleep much.

During the afternoon i went out shopping for awhile and then came home. Domina had been working in the garden and bear was lounging around. i guess allergies were making me tired and feeling bitchy.

At about 2pm Domina said She was going to take a nap. If you were going to take a nap now is the time. i asked Her if i was going to take a nap. She said that i didn't need one since i'm a night owl. She wanted me to clean the veggies for dinner which amounted to quite alot. i went back down to the kitchen and started cleaning the veggies and feeling more and more bitchy. i started thinking about the play Domina had mentioned for that evening and thought about how i was feeling. Finally i went up to Her room. i didn't knock since i didn't want to wake up bear. i opened the door and saw that Domina and bear were both awake and naked in bed. She was playing with his man cock. She asked what it was. i told Her i was feeling tired and bitchy and all. She told me to come in and lay down since bear was just getting up. i went in and lay down. Both Domina and bear left Her room after She asked me what i was working on. i tried to sleep but it just didn't happen.

After about 1/2 and hour i got up and went downstairs. Domina was cleaning the carrots. She asked me what i was doing downstairs. i told Her sleep just wasn't happening. She told me to clean the rest of the veggies. i did and then cut up the green, red and yellow bell peppers. i also cut up the green and yellow zucchini and red onion. i threw it all together and made a marinade.

bear grilled several kabobs he put together and put them on the grill. While he was working on the grill i joined Domina at the patio table on the lower deck. W/we were talking awhile and bear joined U/us for a few minutes. Although W/we had the citronella candles going the mosquitoes were out in force! Domina said that W/we were going to play out on the deck. She was going to have me naked in whatever W/we were going to do but there were too many mosquitoes.

when bear was done grilling i put the veggies on a grill wok and stir fried them over the grill.

When i was done with the veggies W/we all had a fine dinner in front of the tv. W/we watched the latest episode of True Blood. W/we are so enthralled with that show! Like so many shows i identify with the female characters. In True Blood i identify with Sookie who is the main character. i've been thinking of making a t-shirt of Merlotte's Bar and Grill like she wears on the show.

After the show Domina said that T/they were going to bed. She told me that She was going to play with bear for 15-20 minutes then have me come up.

Domina had told me previously that She didn't want me present when She played with bear because he was in the role of a submissive. When i am allowed to be present both Domina and he are my Dominants since it is more in a cuckolding theme.

Domina called me up. She had bear naked and plugged. She told me to sit on the chair. She was calling him Her fido and had him bark. She then handed me the lube. Domina told me to remove my panties and skirt and play with myself. She got on bear and rode him awhile. She said, "How i love having a real man's cock in My pussy." i said it is so hot Domina! Your clitty isn't going in Me again She said "i fuck real men".. i repeated it. She said no, I don't fuck girls.

i was sooo turned on!

Domina rode him several times. She then had me come over and had him suck me and cum on his face calling him a slut and a whore. i came so hard! She then had me sit down and watch while She rode him again and then had him cum on his belly. i sat there with waves of endorphins passing through me. Domina then had me come up and clean him up with my tongue. i went over and bent over and began lapping his come up. i licked his man cock and sucked it to clean it. When i thought about what i was doing i gagged a bit but kept on. This is my place. Domina said that good girls do this and get used to it.

Domina then had me wet a washcloth with warm water and clean up his cock and his belly then my face.

She then told me to go and blog it all. i said yes Domina.

Domina later said She realized that during play She treated bear as a submissive but that it just naturally went that way. W/we were all amazed at how Domina is more and more vocal.

i put my panties back on and went downstairs and recovered. i slept on the futon that night.

Here it is Tuesday. Domina said that Her husband bear is coming over tomorrow to fuck and suck and relax before his trip out west. She is going to fly out there to meet him on the new adventure. Domina is so looking forward to it. Domina wants me to hold a garage sale while T/they are gone. She hopes the garage will be clear so She can park Her car in there again.

Its raining today. i will go out later and get the ingredients for spaghetti.



dollyanne said...

Wow, sissygirl! Your posts are hot, HOT, and HOTTER! This paints such a vivid picture of sissygirl cuckolding! Your Domina is right about learning to clean up afterward--an important lesson for a sissygirl. Perhaps sometime, if it hasn't been done already, the tables will be turned and you'll be on the receiving end--something a sissygirl should no doubt learn also!

You have such an understanding Domina to allow you to get some rest when you needed it. Dollyanne knows you will work very hard for Her while She is away with Her lover to clean out the garage!

Dolly also knows you will be chaste the whole time your Domina is away and dolly is thinking she should stay chaste and locked in her chastity also--instead of releasing herself this week as planned--in sympathy with you while your Domina is away. What do you think? We are sister sissygirls after all, and should stay chaste together!


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Dolly! awwww blush!! awww blusssssh. teehee thank you for your comments. You are wonderful!


Yes, Domina is so wonderful to me! Its a garage sale :)

awww thank you Dolly. Actually Domina tells people that having me not cum is kind of a reward for me. As much as i love the intensity of it chastity helps me feel more girly and docile. Thank you Dolly! hehehe its up to you :)
hugs and kisses