Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updates Tuesday July 14 2009

Last time i posted i said goodnight to Domina and Her bf/husband bear after i brought T/them up a glass of wine and beer. Domina told me that was all and dismissed me closing Her bedroom door behind me.

That next morning i was woken by loud thunder and rain on the roof. i was sleeping on the futon mattress which is sitting in between the couch and the tv. i slept really good but of course it isn't as comfortable as Domina's bed.

Soon i got up and went to the kitchen and made coffee. i was having coffee and an oatmeal fruit bar and then went into the office, closed the door and starting surfing and doing my breast massage routine.

A couple hours later i heard Domina and bear coming down the stairs. Domina came into the office looking so radiant! Her hair had been brushed straight and She looked happy and beautiful. She is so happy knowing that bear is home and that She has Her two boys and Her girl. Domina and bear went out in the yard and walked around. i was back in the office. i was going to go out and see what T/they were up to but heard spanking upstairs. T/they were playing! i giggled.

After awhile bear came down dressed and i went upstairs. Domina was naked on Her bed and so spent. She and bear had been playing and playing. She tried riding him and using Her big electric vibe on Her clit at the same time and discovered what it could do! She said She came like She never had before. It was wild seeing Her so happy and peaceful. Also wild thinking Her man shared that with Her.

Later Domina and bear came down and lay on the futon and watched some tv. i was itching ot get out of the house. i took a shower, got pretty and said bye bye to Domina and bear as i left to do some shopping.

i went to target and got some things. i looked around in the ladies department looking for a 38A bra. Just no luck. Anything 38 started with C. There were a few 36As but i was just browsing. i looked at shoes too. i ended up picking up an Entertainment Weekly and some loose powder mineral makeup and a lipstick called 'flirty'.

On the way home i stopped at the grocery store and picked up some beer. i stopped at the Starbuck's counter and got my Expresso Doppio. i do every time i go there. The girls there usually greet me with, "Hi jamie!" and get me my Doppio. Its fun chatting with them as girls :)

i got home and bear was asleep next to Domina. i showed Her the things i got and then went to the computer for awhile.

W/we had dinner and watched tv. Domina had told me several times that T/they probably wouldn't play tonight since bear has been so tired. She said it will probably wait til Wednesday.

Domina and bear left to go take a shower and go to bed. i followed Domina up and tended to Her needs. Soon bear came in and both got in the shower together. i was watching the door close and made a please sound. Domina said "jamie wants to watch. Should W/we let her watch?" bear said water might spray out on the floor. i said, "Please, please let me watch!" a couple times. bear then slid the door open a bit. i watched T/them soap each other down and rub each other. Skin on skin. Kissing. It was so wild. i felt i was in another reality or something. Soon bear left the shower and dried down. Domina continued and then came out of the shower.
i watched Her get ready for bed and soon bear came up. Domina then said to kiss Her good night. i would be called if anything calling for a 3 some materialized.

i went down stairs and starting cleaning up the kitchen and the dishes. i was down there for awhile when i heard bear shout that Domina wanted me upstairs.

i came upstairs and entered Domina's bedroom. i could hear the buzzing of Her vibrator and both were naked. Domina said i could get a chair and bring it around and watch. i should be a good girl and watch. i did that. It was amazing watching Domina, my Mistress Wife climb on top of bear's cock and ride. T/they were having so much fun! Soon Domina told me to come around and suck Her bf/husband's cock. i came around and got on my knees and sucked him deeper and deeper. Both were commenting on how T/their girl was doing. Soon Domina told me to pull my panties down. i did and She had bear suck on my clitty. my my my it felt sooo good! Soon She told me to cum. She said i was just a toy for Her and Her bf/husband. i came standing there so intensely! i felt so animalistic! Domina then told me i was dismissed. She told me i'd better stay Her sissy girl. i put on my panties and left Her room and went back to cleaning up the kitchen.

Soon i was back on my computer and massaging my breasts. Yes, cumming i lose that sexual tension and frustration. At that time i didn't feel so feminine and so horny. It felt so good cumming though.

After awhile and watching another episode of 'Quantum Leap' on Hulu i went down to the living room and fell asleep on the futon. i was woken up at about 4am when Domina told me to go to bed in Her room. She was leaving to go to work and bear was already gone.

i went upstairs and fell asleep.

What a weekend! Domina's bear is back. More and more my place in Domina's life is being reinforced. Its not a dream. i am truly Domina's sissy cuckold wife. Yesterday Domina told me that it is good that i accept my place since jealousy and fighting would not work. She told me that i am lucky that i am so loved by Her and all.



dollyanne said...

OMG, jamie-"sissy cuckold wife" and "toy" sound so HOT! It's as if you are bear's bf/wife too! Does he get to use you when your Domina is not available? Maybe you will need your own bf some day too! It's so appropriate for you to suck cock because that's what girl's do! And, it sounds like you are sooo good at it! Sizzling post!


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Dolly!

Thank you so much for your post! i know it all so turns me on and really puts me in my place. The arrangement is wonderful for U/us. So far no. Each time bear comes over for Domina.
teeehee i don't know we will see. Things are very fluid.
i agree. It is appropriate. awww thank you :) i didn't have so much jaw soreness this time either.
Thank you again!

inherservice said...

A very lovely toy you are, and a wonderful writer as well!

Anonymous said...

It's good for jamie to practice your cock sucking skills - I'm sure you'll get more practice over time. As the housewife / sextoy, your purpose is clear. Besides, you were dying to have that cock in your mouth anyway.

Isn't it wonderful that Domina reminds you of what you are?

sissy slave jamie said...

awww thank you inherservice! i appreciate your comments!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
i agree Miss D! i'm sure i will :) i think it would be wonderful to become addicted to it really.
Yes Ma'am. my purpose is clear.
teehee yes Ma'am :)
Oh yes Miss D. It is wonderful that She always insures i know my place and what i am!
Thank You Miss D!