Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update July 7 2009

Today was a pretty nice day although it rained in the afternoon. At least it saved us needing to water the yard and gardens.

i had a nice chat with Larry this morning. Congrats on your new sissy!

i had a terrible thing happen in the shower. While i was washing my belly button piercing went all the way through. i looked at it closer and saw that the hole had gotten so big that it wouldn't hold the jewelry. i thought i might put a ring through it but really the skin is too narrow now. Domina told me not to.

Domina's girlfriend came over for a chat for awhile and i got to sit in. It was nice feeling like one of the girls :)

After she went home. Domina went up to take a nap. i left to go shopping.

The first place i stopped was at Sally's Beauty Supply. Domina wanted me to get some shampoo and conditioner. i went in with my purse. They greeted me with, "Hi jamie!" They were wonderful. The guy working there asked me my partner's name (he is gay) i told him Domina and he said the last time She was in She told him that i was on an herbal regimine. i said i was and he asked me what i was taking. i told him and he asked me to write it down which i did. He went to help some customers and i found the shampoo and conditioner i was looking for and went up front. i handed him the list and was helped by a girl at the register. After the customer left the guy asked some more questions. i answered and then we were all three talking about it. i told the girl that i am at an A cup. She asked me what i was trying for. i told her a B cup. i told them that i like learning how to be as feminine and as passing as possible by the way i speak, move, act, etc. She complimented me by telling me i looked great. She was wonderful!

i left and went to Super Walmart where i picked up Chinese stir fry for dinner and a few other things. i picked up an inexpensive Ice branded nail polish called Pure Ice Peony. Domina liked the color. i painted my toes. i'm debating whether to do my finger nails too. Its been hard lately keeping my nails looking good.

Next i went to Red X a grocery/hardware store where i picked up some garage sale signs.

i then went to fill Domina's car with gas and came home. Domina was awake. It was after 6:30pm at that time. i fixed dinner and W/we watched some of the True Blood news on HBO.

Domina has immersed Herself in Charlain Harris's books and went up to read. i cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes.



Anonymous said...

You do look great indeed. glad to have found this site, for so many reasons. would like to follow it, eventhough anonyme, as my current life doesn't allow it else. R.

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you so much for your comments! i understand. Thank you for wanting to follow :)


Birgit Slave said...

Hi Jamie! I enjoy reading about your life! I cannot be such a perfect sissygirl, so I´m looking up to you totally enviously!
I would wish to be able to see more pictures from you. Looking forward reading more news from you.
Your sister Birgit

sissy slave jamie said...

blush.. Hi Birgit Slave! So nice to meet you! Thank you so much for your comments. i am definitely not perfect but i do my best.
i will work on more pictures. Thank you so much!