Saturday, July 11, 2009

bear is home! July 11 2009

Domina's boyfriend/husband/lover has been out of the country in Switzerland on one of his adventures. Domina has really missed him and especially so since he forgot his cell phone in his car. he left his car with U/us for the trip.

A couple hours ago Domina left to go to the airport to pick bear up. She left with Her latest Charlaine Harris's Sookie Novel. The novel that covers this season's True Blood. About half an hour ago Domina and bear came through the front door. i met T/them in my pink babydoll. bear is looking great although he is so tired. he said he has been up for the last 26 hours travelling.

Domina and bear went upstairs and i followed a few minutes later. bear said he brought home some prezzies and gave U/us some Swiss chocolate, some fancy drinking straws and some rocks off the trail on the Swiss Alps. he is certainly glad to be home. he did say that it was so beautiful over there.

Domina told me to get Her a glass of wine and a beer for bear. i went downstairs and got them and brought them up and handed them to T/them.

Domina said, "jamie" i asked, "That is all Domina?" She said it was. i curtsy'd and left Her bedroom. She shut Her door after me.

Earlier Domina said that the next couple days are bear's. If he wants to sleep he will. If he wants to do something else he will.

Of course his place is with Domina in Her bed. he is Her man. She told me that his place is there.

Last night W/we were watching tv and before retiring for the night She played with my clitty a bit. It felt so nice and while She did She reinforced the fact that bear is Her husband and i am Her wife. That i am Her girl and that is the path i chose.

It has been about 27 days since i last came. It is wonderful really. The sexual frustration and horniness makes me feel all the more turned on by being Her girl, Her cuckold, Her wife. i so love Her!

i don't know what is planned for tomorrow but its not my worry. my place is just to do what Domina tells me to do and take care of Her and bear.



dollyanne said... nice for you to greet them in your pink babydoll! 27 days-wow! Are you in chastity? You make such a nice loyal sissygirl wife! Dollyanne is impressed & envious! Your Domina is such a smart & deserving Mistress!


sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you Dolly! i wanted to be pretty for T/them. i'm not in a chastity device but i am in chastity. i cannot play with Her toy. awww blush.. thank you Dolly. Oh yes She is!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Jamie,
nice to read what you wrote. Like the way you do it much. Allow me to tell you about the longest time spend without sex at all. My wife seems to have lost all interest having sex with me (while exchanging xxx messanges and more with other men)for about two years. In the beginning made it often on my own, became rare now. Wonder whether a life without sex at all is possible, eventhough miss it much. Please have a nice start into the new week. BTW - beautiful dress!

ritemate said...

you're so right in that prolonged chastity enhances your emotions. However, it seems you got "lucky" this weekend, or is the loss of sexual frustration a letdown? Congrats to your ability to tuck; but what is your tucking technique? Judging from your latest picture, it seems the herbs are doing a great job.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Anonymous!
Thank you for your comments!

It sounds like a bit of cuckolding. How did it make you feel? i do love the sexual frustration and powerplays my Mistress/Wife has with it.

Thank you! You too!. awwww thank you !


sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!

Oh goodness yes! It seems like it makes things more erotic especially the day.

giggle.. i know, Domina was torn between letting me cum or not. i will blog about it soon.

Thank you :) It certainly does make for a more feminine appearance. What i do is holding the skin around my sissy balls and move up on it pushing the balls back into my belly. Sometimes i tape it so they won't come back down. Then i take that and my clitty and draw them back under me and pull my panties up tight. No unsightly bulges!

Thank you! i think i was wearing a pair of forms but my breats are growing. The process is just not as fast as one would like.