Thursday, May 28, 2009

Third Anniversary

Yesterday was Domina and my third wedding anniversary! W/we had a wonderful dinner at Outback Steakhouse and exchanged cards. Both O/our cards were a bit humorous and sentinmental :) For me it was Mickey and Minnie asking "Still Do?" and then the answer "me too". She wrote above Mickey (Domina) and above Minnie (jamie) teehee. mine to Her was one of a teddy bear saying something like "You've got my head, my two big feet, etc and then and you have my heart.

It was so nice

For O/our anniversary W/we are going on a road trip. Driving through Missouri and down to pick up Her older boy in Texas and then through Oklahoma where W/we are visiting Her Sis. It should be fun :) i asked Her if She will want me to present more as a boy. She said no, I like you how you are.

Last Sunday when i woke up downstairs on the futon i heard bear come out of Domina's bedroom and come down. he was going to go out to get some breakfast i think. i went upstairs and saw Domina laying there on the bed. i asked Her if She had a good time. She said that T/they were both so tired. T/they had a quick fuck and went to sleep. i told Her that it sounded exciting. She grinned :)

i asked Her if bear is the one sleeping with Her when he is over. She said yes. his place is in bed with me when he is over except for nights before work. Then you will sleep with me since bear is a snorer.

At one point i don't remember how it got to it Domina said that when W/we get some money She definitely plans on putting me in some chastity device.

Later that morning i took my shower and went out shopping for a few things. Domina had asked me to take some pork out of the freezer to grill later in the day. It suddenly occurred to me that i had forgotten to do that when i was out and about so i hurried up. i got hope and took the pork out.

i was working on the boxes some more in the garage while the others were in the back yard. It looked like it was going to rain and the pork was defrosted. i grilled them and nuked several baked potatoes. W/we had a nice dinner out on the deck.

W/we watched some movie on tv while bear was having some solitary time. Early in the evening Domina told bear to go up to Her room. She told me to listen for my name. When i heard it i was to come upstairs. Take off all my clothes and enter Her room. Then kneel at the end of Her bed. i was doing dishes when i heard my name. i did as She said. i entered Her bedroom and saw naked bear with his wrists cuffed to the headboard. Domina told me to take off all my clothes including my bra. i did and moved to the end of Her bed.

Domina had been playing with him by striking his thighs with a paddle. She told me to move forward and get him hard for Her so She can fuck Her boyfriend. i moved forward and put his man cock in my sissy girl mouth and started sucking. i sucked and sucked for quite awhile. he got a bit hard but not enough. She then had me move forward so he could suck me. i did and he got harder still.

Domina had me get off the bed while She got on for awhile and then had me move forward. She had him suck me some more and more. Finally She started calling me a sissy girl and telling me i am just a sissy girl and other things. i begged and came and came! It was exhausting. teeehee!
Domina then told me to put on my clothes and go downstairs.

Since it was a work night. i soon noticed bear sleeping on the futon downstairs. i joined Domina in Her bed around midnight.



Anonymous said...

mmmm hot story

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary, sissy cucky jaime. Look how much better off you are now - and it only took three years to put you in your proper place.

Wasn't Domina so nice letting you have a cummy with Her subby male, bear? I've been paying attention to this jaime - it's been a very long time since you had a cummy with anyone but a male... Have you noticed that? Why do you suppose that is? Maybe Domina thinks such a gurly sissy like you should only be allowed to cum with men. Do you think that is it?

I also noted that Domina wants you in chastity. I think that would be very good for you. It might mean that you'll have to learn to get your sexual pleasure in a completely different way though... Think about that jaime - you'll need men more than ever then...

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you humiliated crossdresser :)

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!
Thank You for Your comments. Domina and i are celebratint O/our anniversary on a road trip. First to Branson MO. i read Your comment and She was agreeing.
Thank You Ma'am