Saturday, May 2, 2009

Weekend Entry May 2 2009

Wow! Its May. A week has gone by since my last post. i think its interesting how time passes when you are unemployment vs employed, etc. The week just seems slower in a way when working to me at least.

i have been working this temporary job that is almost all outside. The weather has been sunny and rainy but its been nice working again. Domina is certainly happy to see another paycheck coming in!

Yes, i have to pretend i am a male when working but at least the people i work with seem easy to work with. i put my hair back in a pony tail and wear strickly unisex clothing. When i am off the scrunchee comes off and my hair is down!. Often times i put my makeup on with a lipstick before i come home.

The house isn't as kept up and Domina wants me to work on it tomorrow. i have been working later in the day lately. She wants me to vaccuum all over, clean Her bathroom, Her bedroom and the living room. She and leopet has been working in the garden. Its going to be quite a garden this year.

This morning Domina got up early (6am) and went to yard sales and took Titus O/our dog in for dog grooming at 7. While shopping She found several treasures such as a pair of pretty deck shoes for Her, pretty pink low heels for me, a stool, a stuffed Stewie doll for leopet and other things. After She got back She was in the bathroom and i heard Her on the phone. She hung up and said Her bear was coming over.
i left to do some shopping. i went to Super Walmart and bought things for dinner tomorrow and a few other household items. i stopped at another store called Red X and found a couple bottles of wine She enjoys. She and bear first found that wine on one of T/their weekend adventures away together.

i came home and found bear's car in the driveway. i parked Domina's car out on the curve. W/we haven't been using mine much lately since having car trouble during the week.

i went in the house and greeted bear. he was kind of achy due to working out daily to prepare for his next adventure hiking the Swiss Alps. Domina and leopet were working in the garden and soon T/they had enough. T/they got cleaned up and W/we all went to the Country Buffet for an 'All you can eat'. leopet was sitting next to me and Domina and bear sat together on the opposite side of the table. i was wearing a new feminine shirt i got at a yard sale last week with feminine denim jeans without pockets and my new open toe sandals that show off my pink nails. my hair is down and looks pretty according to Domina. i was wearing red lip color, makeup, black eyeliner and mascara. W/we had a nice dinner.

W/we stopped at the grocery store for some things and returned home. W/we were going to watch a movie but Domina said She was too tired from waking up so early and the garden work. Domina lay on the futon in front of the TV between Her two men; bear and leopet while She had me, Her girl on the couch. It was a nice view seeing Her play with Her bear under the covers. Once in awhile She put Her hand on my freshly shaven leg. That was so nice to me.

W/we watched a hilarious 'Big Bang Theory' W/we recorded on the DVR as well as 'How I Met Your Mother'. Afterwards Domina said that She and bear were going to bed. No switching tonight, i am sleeping downstairs and She and bear were sleeping together. i guess part of it is that bear is going on his adventure soon. She said there wouldn't be any woohoo tonight since She was so tired. She did thank me and i told Her that She is doing what She wants to do. She said, "Yes, i am sleeping with My boyfriend".

i tucked T/them into bed and left Her room. i remembered that i didn't have a cami on. Just my bra under a pj shirt so i knocked and went in and got one. i curtsied and said, "i love You" and left Her room after shutting Her door.

Today i feel more feminine. More the girl. ahh i almost forgot. When W/we went to the store Domina told bear to escort me into the store. She didn't want Her girl to go unescorted. i so love Her!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very nice day off of work for jamie. As you described your breakfast at Country Buffet, I couldn't help thinking, what a change I have seen in you over the past two years. You seem to have accepted your femming quite nicely - Domina has turned you into a gurl - a sweet little cucky sissy gurl. I wonder.. is that a source of humiliation for you anymore or is it just who you are now?

Miss D

Gina said...

Jamie, I just luv your blog and have to say that each pic shows a happier and prettier gurl!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Gina! awww thank you so much! i am so happy! Blush teeehee! i love learning how to make myself pretty.
Thank you again!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank You Miss D! i wrote something on that before. i guess it didn't take. Sometimes i feel humiliation. Sometimes i just feel thats who i am now. Thank You :)

The Slutty Wife said...

Your looking good! Nice blog :)

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you Slutty Wife! :)