Friday, May 8, 2009

Cool! Friday is here! May 8 2009


i just got done cleaning the living room and the fridge. Domina told me She wanted both done today and i did. i got a bucket and put some cleanser in it and went around and scrubbed the walls and light switches of fingerprints and grime. i've found that that is one thing people don't notice unless pointed out to them. i hope Domina likes it.

This week has been going pretty well. It has rained on and off. Last week i had a lot of trouble with my car's engine cutting off in mid traffic or would not start from time to time. leopet worked on it a lot and i helped advise him. we just weren't getting anywhere considering the usual things like filters, spark plugs, etc. Finally we took the car to a service garage and it was diagnosed as the crank sensor was faulty. we had never heard of that but they replaced it and i haven't had any problems since. i hope we don't have any further problems with the cars.

This week i worked from Monday to Wednesday and they ran out of work for us to do so i've been the housewife for the last couple days.

Last night leopet was out and Domina and i was watching the recording of the last American Idol and Bones. i asked Her if She would play with my clitty and She said, "Ok, for a little bit". This week bear hasn't come over due to work related things but Domina said he is spending the weekend with us (Sat and Sun). While She was playing with me She told me that i may get to cum this weekend or not. Probably not since i had gotten to pretty often lately since bear has been over. The last time She and bear was playing a cuckold scenario and called me up while T/they were having sex. She told bear to suck me and he did a long time but i hadn't cum. She told me to sit and watch and play with myself. T/they were getting very hot and i got to that point and begged and came all over myself as i was sitting there. It was such a hot session. She was going to leave the sheets like they were. All wet and all but She told me to change them.

Last night as She was playing with me She continued and said that i may be used as a prop for Her and bear. i imagine that She will use my clitty in a forced bi scenario. W/we'll see teeeheee!

Domina so wants to see the new Star Trek movie and so do we. W/we plan on trying to see it sometime this weekend. Also W/we plan on doing some yardsales and the city market.

Yesterday i went shopping at Walmart and picked up food and a few other things. i picked up a pair of Ladies black canvas casual shoes for $8.00 and a pair of black clogs for a dollar. Later in the evening Domina made me some jewelry; a pair of ear rings with platinum butterflies and some dangly pink and crystal butterflies for my navel piercing. Earlier in the day i shopped for more feminine nipple jewelry. i hoped to find some pink balls for the bars but everyone had 14g jewelry and nothing else. mine are 12g. Domina said that i should go to 14g since they are smaller and more feminine in Her view.

teeheee! Kind of a rambling blog entry but i posted as i thought of them.


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