Sunday, May 24, 2009


Today i went shopping at yard sales, Walmart, and the grocery store. bear, Domina's boyfriend brought over some marinated steaks while i was out. i got home and found that Domina and he were playing in the playroom. She had said that he needed Big Mistress today.

i grilled the steaks and veggies with the new grill pan and W/we had a nice dinner. Domina, bear, and leopet and i watched Zoolander while eating.

When W/we got done Domina said that She and bear were going to bed. i was to sleep downstairs unless i was called.

i did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. While i was doing that i heard those unmistakable sounds from Domina's bedroom. i could hear Her saying, "Give it to me!" What sounds of exstacy! Lots of creaking bed sounds and moaning. Wow!

One thing that i don't know if anyone following me knows is that i am not permitted to play with my clitty without permission from Domina. It isn't mine to play with. i know many cuckolds do when their wives play with their bf's, fb's, etc but i just can't. It does add to that sweet cucky frustration but i love it!

i'll soon be going to bed on the futon downstairs.

What a day! i'm feeling more and more fem. i can't imagine going out and about shopping anymore posing as a male.

i painted my fingernails pink tonight to match my toenails. i love them all pink. Its a soft light shade of pink that Domina likes.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful day honey. This is Sissybra, I met you on the experience project earlier today. Keep up the good sissy work.

sissy slave jamie said...

Well hi Sissybra! What a small world! :) Thank you so much. i will!


ritemate said...

you're such a good sissygirl, and good sissygirls are obviously rewarded by being allowed a cummie. Were you properly fucked by bear too, or are you still waiting for your big girliefuck-moment?
Domina is wise to deny you the privilege to play with your clittie, I'm sure it adds to your submissiveness and your longing for sex with a real man.

Miss Honey said...

Sounds like you are really where you belong and she controling your little clitty is so very appropriate.

bdenied said...

I wonder if you are a cuckold because of your xdressing or was it always that way

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate!
awwww thank you so much! i appreciate your comments. No, he hasn't fucked me yet. It is still going to happen some time.
i agree. She is so wise. It is good for my femming too.
Thanks again!

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi bdenied! Thank you for your comments.
i think it went hand in hand. It was something i asked for to try at the beginning. It simply evolved into Domina making it Hers.

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss Honey!
Thank You for Your comments!
i so agree. Domina often emphasizes all of us submissive to Her knowing our place.
i agree too. It is so appropriate!