Saturday, May 16, 2009

Today Saturday May 16 2009

It was a beautiful day today! Yesterday was so full of storms. i woke up this morning alone in bed. i vaguely remember waking up in the middle of the night when bear came into Domina's bedroom fumbling around in the dark. Domina woke up and asked what he was doing. he said, "i don't know". She told him to get into bed. i fell asleep again and then woke up at about 6am and noticed that Domina wasn't in bed. i fell back asleep and woke up around 8am. i went downstairs and saw Domina and bear in the futon together. She asked if i would make coffee.

bear left on his morning routine to McD's and QT and brought home a latte for Domina. Domina asked if i wanted to go yard saling. i wasn't sure. i then decided to stay home. She and bear left and i was at home surfing on the computer, massaging my breasts and watching a horror movie lol.

Since Domina had taken my wallet or i thought i knew i couldn't go anywhere so i did some chores like laundry and mounting a mount for my hair dryer. i then took a shower. i shaved my legs. i always love having smooth legs. The day between shaving them i usually feel them and say to myself, "They are so hairy! ick!" i used lavender hair conditioner as my shaving creme and used a vanilla scented body wash.

After drying my hair i put on my makeup, eyeliner, mascara, lip color, etc and came downstairs. Domina and bear returned from yard sales and She gave me a pair of short short tan shorts. i put them on. i love them!

i left and went to Walmart for awhile and shopped around looking for yard sales. After a couple hours and knowing i forgot my cell phone i came home.

i found Domina in bear's arms in Her bed. She said bear had been working in the playroom straightening it up and She in the garden. She said T/they were taking a nap. i went downstairs and was on the computer for awhile and then took a nap in the living room.

i woke up and went upstairs. i was talking with Domina about the night before while bear took a shower. When he was out Domina took Her shower.

W/we then left to go to a Chinese buffet. i wore my pink flowered blouse with girls jeans, my black female canvas shoes and a light jacket. It was such a nice meal. i felt all the eyes on me in the restraunt. i usually feel it. i think its not common for a girl to.

W/we soon left and came home. W/we watched Talladega Nights. What a funny movie! i've seen it several times and always love it. i think its wild that there is a cuckolding theme within it too :)

W/we lay on the futon under the comforter and Domina played with bear's man cock most of the time. Once in awhile She brushed Her hand on my clit. That felt so nice :)

After the movie Domina said the plan was that T/they were going to nap and maybe sometime call me up. i got on the computer and heard the squeaks of the bed but didn't hear my name.

'tis Domina's paragative. Its funny how cuckolding is hot to me in so many ways. One of which is the power transfer. i can't think of it any more transferred to the Mistress Wife than in cuckolding. Funny how my clitty gets so excited knowing i have no power, no control. Sometimes i wonder how Domina sees me really.

i think it is wild thinking She is in the arms of a real man. A masculine manly man. Her sissy husband wishing to be more and more feminine who She loves too :)



Anonymous said...

sissy jaime,

I think it is very common for a sissy cucky to wonder what their Mistress thinks of them.

You wrote, 'Sometimes i wonder how Domina sees me really.'

But I think you really do know the answer - don't you? In your previous post, you wrote, 'She asked me if it turned me on to see Her fuck a real man and not a pussy like me.' Isn't that the answer you were hoping for jaime? You want to be as completely femmed as possible - used like a sex toy - allowed to watch your cuckolding when you've been a good gurl. We all know you love to watch - it excites poor little jaime so much. Such wonderful torment for a sissy cucky...

Domina thinks of you as a pussy, jaime. Isn't that what you are? What you have always wanted to be? All that you could ever be? You love every second of it - don't you?

Miss D

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi Miss D!

i think so too Ma'am. Maybe it is a security thing or wanting to please. i'm not sure.

Yes Ma'am. It is what She said.

i so love being femmed as much as possible. i thought it was so hot how Domina said that all my purpose was then was as a utility, a toy. i was so lucky to be able to watch T/them have sex. It is truly so hot to me. i appreciate Her for allowing me in T/their presence.

Oh yes Ma'am. i guess i am. Probably so. teeehee yes Ma'am, blush.



Anonymous said...

you are so pretty and fem.. I love your posts. Keep them coming.

sissy slave jamie said...

Awww thank you HC! i appreciate it! i will :)