Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday May 9 2009 Yard saling teehee!

Domina told me to Twitter to this blog and write this blog :)

Last night Domina said that W/we were going yard saling Saturday morning. bear was going to be here at about 7am and if i wanted to go i'd better be ready by then. i thought i would at least shave. giggle

i woke up at about five til and went to make coffee. leopet was already making coffee and sneezing his head off. In the Spring his allergies like most people are so bad.

i went back upstairs and told Domina he was making coffee. i went into the bathroom and shaved using the Coconut scented Suave conditioner on my face and it worked quite well. i brushed my teeth too. i then went downstairs and checked my email and took my herbs and vitamins. i grabbed a cup of coffee for Domina with milk and sweetner and got a cup for myself. i checked my computer for the outside temperature which as about 51. "Too cool for short sleeves" i thought. i went back upstairs and put on a pair of my tight female jeans, my white bra with forms, my gray female shirt with the tie on the bottom and sleeves that go mid arm. i went back down to the office and was on my computer for a bit when bear, Domina's submissive boyfriend arrived. he went upstairs and soon Domina shouted, "jamie, lets go!". i said "Yes Domina" and W/we piled into Her small car. Domina was driving. bear sat next to Her. i was in the backseat behind Her.

W/we stopped at 7-11 for some pastries and some money from the ATM and then continued to the neighborhood yard sale. W/we didn't find the one advertised but came upon one out in the country a bit that turned out to be more of a liquidation sale. W/we shopped there quite awhile. i found several computer games and a few other things that cost about $1.50. These were in the shrink wrap decent computer games! bear bought a box of CDs for about $1.00! W/we were all excited and continued to another neighborhood. W/we ended up finding a Mongoose bicycle, floor to ceiling size mirrors for the playroom, an office chair, and some other things.

W/we drove home. Domina and bear then took the jeep and his SUV and went back to collect the other things.

i took a couple packs of pork chops out of the freezer to thaw out.

i took off to the theatre and purchased tickets for the new Star Trek Movie to watch tomorrow! yaaaay!

When i got back Domina, bear and leopet were working in the yard. Soon T/they put things away and Domina said She and bear were going to have a session in the playroom. i was sooo tired i went and took a nap. i really didn't sleep but i felt more rested when i arose. i got up and took a shower. i put on my makeup and my pink baby doll.

Domina took a shower and told me to ready dinner.

i got the grill going and used pork rubbing on the pork chops. i also prepared a couple Asian Steamables, corn on the cob Steamables, and two potatoes for Domina and leopet.

Domina, bear and i lay on the futon in front of the tv while leopet watched from a recliner. W/we watched Adam Sandler's "Bedtime Stories" W/we thought it was even wierd for an Adam Sandler movie. Domina played with bear under the covers most of the time and a bit with me. Sooo nice!

After the movie was over Domina told me that She and bear were going to bed. She told me to listen for my name and to keep my baby doll on but take my clitty out and sit on the chair at the end of the bed.

i got on my computer for awhile. After about 20 minutes i heard my name.


i came upstairs and did as Domina instructed. Domina was naked and laying with Her head on Her pillows. bear's head was at the other end of the bed. She told me that he was hungry for something to suck on. my clitty. She told me to feed it to him. i got up and did just that. he started sucking and my my it felt so good!. Soon She told me to sit back down and told him to suck Her toes which he did. i sat there quite attentive.

All this time Domina was playing with his cock and sometimes scratching it and pulling his balls. he got harder and She got on. She asked me if it turned me on to see Her fuck a real man and not a pussy like me. i said, "Oh yes Domina". Soon She told me that Her boyfriend needed to suck some more. Remember that you are just a toy here. i moved up and he started sucking harder and harder. Finally i begged and She told me i could cum which i did so hard!. She told me to sit down. i did. She asked if i felt relaxed. i told Her i felt sedated teeehee! She then told me that She had other plans too which i'm sure included having him fuck me for the first time but W/we were all so tired. She then told me to write this up in my blog and twitter it. She told me that i will be sleeping downstairs and i will get to sleep with Her tomorrow night. i said yes Domina and blew out the candles. i went downstairs and did the dishes and then wrote this office.
What a day!!!!!!



ritemate said...

You’re such a good little housemaid, perhaps that’s why Domina is so kind to let you come so often? Or maybe it’s your beautiful pink baby doll that makes Her happy. Now that it seems you’ll soon be properly fucked like a girl, are you nervous, turned on or both?
I’m curious about leopet’s role in your family. I gather he’s living with you and doing household chores, but doesn’t participate in any play?

mommasboy said...

You are truly one lucky little sissy!

mo'ikeha said...

what an alluring and interesting site you call your own

sissy slave jamie said...

Hi ritemate! Thank you so much for your comments. teeehee i don't know why for sure.She has said that She loves watching Her bf sucking. Yes i am both nervous and turned on giggle.
leopet and Domina play together at times. Its just difficult to get all to play together

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you mommasboy! i do feel so lucky!

sissy slave jamie said...

Thank you mo'ikeha! i appreciate it!