Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday August 30 2009

Lately its been cooling down more and more but sometimes reaching into the 80s here. Right now it is 63 degrees F and i love the cooler weather. i think its telling us that Fall is on the way. i think my favorite season is the Fall. A lot of festivals like the Renaissance Festival and others come around that time. Maybe i'll get to wear and feminine costume this year. W/we'll see!

This weekend has been really laid back. bear arrived Friday afternoon and has stayed the last couple nights. Each night i slept down in the living room on the futon and he slept with Domina.

Yesterday, Domina and bear went out for breakfast and shopped downtown. T/they ended up at a grocery store where they were selling a nice baking table that Domina saw would work perfectly as a craft table. They were asking $50.00 for it and bear bought it for Her upcoming birthday. he bought steaks and potatoes for dinner and came home. i went out shopping myself. i picked up some lip color by Rimmel which i really like. Its pinkish and called "First Kiss". Domina really likes it.

With the new shaving gel i am using by Aveeno i don't need to shave as often so i am shaving my legs every 3 days. The hair on my face doesn't seem to grow as fast either but i shave every day. i must be as smooth as possible before putting on my makeup.

One thing i realized is that since my chest has always been sunken, my breasts aren't as prominent as they could be. i continue to take my herbs and do my massaging exercises daily.

Well, i can't think of anything more right now.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Day!

This morning i got up at around 7:30 am and had my coffee and a couple cereal bars. i was up for about 1/2 an hour when Domina yelled down asking if i was going and if i was going as i was or taking a shower. W/we were all planning on going to the city market. i know Domina does not like being kept waiting. i said i planned to take a shower. i hurried up and took my shower and decided to shave my legs tomorrow. The new shaving gel really has slowed down the growth of hair.

i finished showering and put on my makeup. i shaved very close and found a few nicks here and there that the styptic pen had trouble really stopping. i finally put some liquid bandage on one of them under my chin. i put on my eyeliner and mascara and red/pink lipstick. i wore my stretchy jeans, half sleeve grey and white shirt and my black female canvas shoes.

bear arrived and W/we were all off. i grabbed my purse and Domina, bear, leopet and i. Domina was driving. W/we stopped at QT and got some coffee and headed down to the river for the city market. my goodness! It was soooo crowded. W/we proceeded around the market and bear bought eggplant, zucchini, red bell peppers. Domina bought some large zucchini for zucchini bread. She also picked up some pita bread at the Middle Eastern shop and sunflower seeds. i picked up 5 scoops of fenugreek seeds, a bag of carr-away seeds, a bag of anise and coriander i believe. W/we then left and went to the Chinese grocery store and bear bought a pound of huge shrimp. i got a couple bottles of Liptovan an energy drink.

W/we all left and came home. Since it was much warmer i changed into a pair of denim Capri's and my sleeveless knit grey and white shirt. i then left and went to Target and picked up some new foundation and a couple concealing pens. One in green for red scars and such and the beige one for other blemishes and things. i then stopped at another grocery store for some wine coolers for Domina. i then returned home

i found Domina out back working in the yard. She and bear were talking. he was on the lawn chair. leopet had cut the yard and left the get a haircut. i brought my guitar out on the deck and played awhile and then went back inside. Domina and bear came inside. Domina took a shower and bear joined Her in the shower.

Later i saw that Domina and bear were down in the kitchen preparing dinner. Domina was wearing one of Her pretty nighties. i said i was going to change too. i asked Her what i should wear. Domina said something cute and pretty.

i went upstairs and took everything off and put on my pink baby-doll. This was the first time i tried tucking and wearing it without panties and it worked so well. Domina looked at me and loved it. She said She could see my tits too. teeheee :)

W/we all had dinner and watched "Tropic Thunder" What a funny movie!. W/we then watched an episode of the BBC series, "Being Human". bear was dozing off all through it. At the end of the show Domina told him that T/they were going to bed. i followed Domina up and kissed Her goodnight as bear came up and got in bed. Domina said there probably wouldn't be any play tonight

i went back downstairs and did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

sissygirl's blog update 20 Aug 2009

So sorry for my taking so long since my last entry. i'm on a new medication which takes some getting used to. i have been feeling better lately.

Domina and bear had such a great time together out in Colorado. bear drove out there and Domina flew. After missing the flight here in town Domina got to Denver and went to catch a connecting flight to Colorado Springs where bear was. When She arrived in Denver She hurried off the plane and twisted Her calf but was still able to walk. She hurried to the other end of the terminal but was told that all the flights for the rest of the day was overbooked so She never really checked in. bear drove up and got Her and the two drove back to Colorado/Manitou Springs. While there T/they went up to the top of Pikes Peak, visited the Garden of Gods Park, camped out in the woods by a stream and bathed in the hot springs. T/they also went to the spa there. There wasn't much trouble except She had twisted Her calf again while hiking. Domina also said it was quite cold camping up in the mountains.

Before leaving She wanted me to check to see if bear could drive Her back up to Denver to catch Her flight back to KC. i called the airlines and found that Her entire trip had been suspended when She flew into Denver. The travel agency cancelled it because of violation of contract by not checking in there. arggggggh! i tried to call Domina but Her phone's batteries were dead. i tried to get bear but his phone was out of range. i text'd him about it. Soon i received a call from Her and i explained the problem. She called the airline and the agency and couldn't get it resolved. It would cost $200+ more to resume Her flight back. Instead bear ended his time out there and drove Her back. he had enough of the mountains himself. Most of it was the altitude.

Domina surprisingly told me that T/they had no sex during T/their time out there. T/they were just go go go and so tired at night.

T/they got back ok after driving over 12 hours. bear hadn't slept much and was a bit edgy. he stayed the night and left the next day. T/they told leopet and i all about the trip and showed me pictures.

For the next few days bear was kinda distant. Domina finally figured out what had happened. During the trip T/they became more vanilla than T/they should have. After getting back it persisted. That weekend bear came over and there was more of a Big Mistress session. After that T/they said things were back to normal.

Last weekend bear came over Saturday afternoon. Domina was not too happy about it because She thought he was going to be here the whole day. Things got better though. One thing that was planned was that W/we were going to have dinner and then bear and leopet were going to watch the game. It was too late to grill so W/we had fish at a great seafood restaurant near here.

W/we got back and bear and leopet were watching the game. A bit later Domina and bear went up to Her bedroom. i went up soon and saw the door was open. i saw She was playing with him a bit. i watched a bit and then turned to go downstairs. Domina called "jamie" and i turned around. i entered Her room and She asked if i enjoyed watching. i said yes Domina. She told me take a seat on the chair. She then cuffed his wrists to the head of the bed and played with his cock. Domina then squirted some lube on my hands and told me to play with myself but not cum. i watched as She played with bear. Sometimes slapping his thighs. Sometimes stroking his cock. She then told me to remove my shorts and my panties as well as my top but leave my bra on. She told me to lick his thighs which i did. Then She told me to lick his cock and balls. i did that too. It was so wild! bear was begging to suck and She told me to come around. She told me to wash off the lube. i then went over to him and he sucked my clitty for awhile. It felt so wonderful! It had been a couple of weeks.

Soon Domina told me to go back to my chair and sit and play with myself. She told me that i will cum and will clean it up. i played with my clitty and watched Domina ride bear's cock. She used the vibe as well and wow what screams of ecstasy! i got to that point and begged. Domina told me to cum all over myself which i had no problem doing.

Soon bear came. When he cums now he barks like a dog.

Domina told me to get a wash rag and wash off bear. Then She told me to clean myself.

She then said i was dismissed. i thanked Her and left the room.

i really felt that afterglow!

This week i have been tackling some chores Domina has had for me such as organizing the cupboards and today cleaning and reorganizing the refrigerator.

Since Domina's little cat is always scratching to be let in and out of Her bedroom She bought a pet door. i mounted it but W/we found that Her cat couldn't figure out how to open and go through it. She would just tap at it and it made more noise than the scratching. Finally i removed the flap and all is well :)

Well, tomorrow is Friday. Yaaaay! bear will be over sometime this weekend :)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Domina is on vacation!

Today started oh so early! i woke up at 4am and got coffee going. i think the storm woke me up. Domina asked what i was doing since the alarm was set for 5. i said i was getting coffee going and taking a shower. Sleep just wasn't happening....

i drove Domina to the airport in the rain. i wore my grey and white striped tank top, capri jeans and sandals and bra with forms. i didn't put any makeup on but i did put my hair in a pony tail. i felt eyes from everyone at the airport.

W/we got in and checked in at the computer near the check in desk. It said W/we were too late! The flight was at 6:20. It was 6:07! W/we went to the counter and he repeated the same. Domina was so mad She cried. i felt terrible. The man told Her it would be $150 for the next flight or She could try stand by. She opted for standby.

W/we stopped at the Starbucks cafe and got a latte and blueberry muffin for Her and a tall coffee and blueberry scone for me. As W/we ate Domina told me to go home. She would call me if She couldn't get on.

i got home and got on my computer for awhile. i texted Her. She said She got it! yaaaaay! She was on Her way!

i went to bed but had a hard time sleeping. It was prolly all the coffee but i was so tired. At about 11 i woke up and texted Domina. She was waiting for a connecting flight. i went shopping. i picked up a bottle of fenugreek and red clover. i then went over to Walmart and got a can of Aveeno's Positively Smooth Shave Gel which i have read by several reviews reall works for really close shaves and to slow hair growth. i picked up body wash too.

leopet called and asked about lunch. i finished shopping and hurried home. leopet and i then went to IHOP for lunch. we had an incredibly long wait for our orders. The waitress was embarrassed and said they had a new cook. i wonder if there is something about transgendered people and restaurant service. i really don't want to be paranoid about it but this has happened before at a Chilis restaurant too.

we finally got our orders. we did have a nice talk.

From there i exchanged a few texts with Domina. Her connecting flight didn't happen so bear drove from the town T/they are staying and got Her. Both were frustrated.

leopet and i stopped at Sally's Beauty Supply and picked up some generic Matrix shampoo and conditioner and returned home.

leopet went outside to work on a project and i went for another nap.

i woke up at 4. leopet went to the store and picked up some toasted raviolli and spaghetti sauce.

we watched American Gangster by Russell Crow and Denzel Washington. Both of us thought it kind of long winded. i thought it was an interesting movie though.

Domina took some pictures from on top of the mountains with Her bf bear and sent them via phone.

She is happy now :) She will be gone until Wednesday i believe.